Big Week For Arsenal Preview!

I know I know, I said that last week…and the week before!  This time i mean it!  With Gervinho coming this week, and we’ll probably find out if Alvarez will be an Arsenal player, or an Inter player player this week as well.  With all the Arsenal players coming back for camp it will be interesting to see what happens this week and we’ll probably be getting A LOT of news this week…mostly because the press is out to destroy Arsenal!

News today from the Daily Mail is that Manchester City will be tying up a 27 million pound deal for Nasri and Clichy early this week but The Daily Star says Wenger will meet with Nasri first on Wednesday for showdown talks about his future.  This will be his last chance to convince Nasri to stay.  My feelings are that he will leave though because he has said that he wants to win, and that he wants to see the team improved and when he arrives on Wednesday the only new face he will see is Carl Jenkinson…

The Express says Cesc will be reporting back this morning to Arsenal but will be hoping it won’t be for long with Rosell coming back to Barcelona as well to try and work on the deal.  According to the report, Cesc’s hamstrings aren’t the only thing keeping the transfer fee down.  Barcelona feel that Arsenal owe them money for Toral and Bellerin and may even report Arsenal to FIFA.  It’s funny because it was completely legal so it’s not going to get them very far and it will take a while so if they keep being cry babies they won’t be having Cesc Fabregas.

Barcelona think that because we came in and offered money for their young players and they WANTED to come and we did things legally because they can’t sign a professional contract until 18, so we apparently owe them about 6 mil.  Shut Up and quit your whining.  England has the WORST work permit rules that have kept us from getting some top stars such as Barcelona great Ronaldinho, we have to live with it now you need to live with your crappy countries policies!

A few IN  rumors, one being Karim Benzema possibly coming this way according to Footie-Online.  It is possible for Benzema to come this way once Madrid enter the bidding war for Fabregas and since Wenger is an admirer it would work!  Not!  I don’t see Cesc going to Madrid.  He will be a Barcelona player or an Arsenal player.  I would love to see Benzema in an Arsenal shirt but I don’t think it will happen.

Lastly German media is reporting that Arsenal are in pole position to sign Diego!  Weird…I just posted that we should sign Diego and now were linked to him.  Four years ago we were linked to Hatem Ben Arfa and my friend Mark told me that Arsenal should sign Nasri and a month later…boom!  Thanks Mark looks where its gotten us! 😉  Anyways apparently the fee for Diego would be 20 million but i highly doubt that.  He’s had two unsuccessful seasons in a row and Wolfsburg is pretty desperate to get rid of him so I would probably cut that in half and they will accept it.

Should we go for Diego?  If we do Arsene needs to sit his butt down and take control otherwise he could be a hindrance!  Anyways, I’ll be posting frequently throughout the week so feel free to comment or ask questions…see you on the other side!


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  1. And if this Mark dude was smart at all, he’d now say:”Sell Fab, get Vidal!” 😉

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