Two Boring Sagas and Finally a Signing

It has emerged that Arsenal today have already rejected a bid for a little less than 20 million for Samir Nasri.  Wenger though is said to be taking the hard route with this one and will try to keep him.  Nasri will arrive at the training ground tomorrow and train with the team and it is said he will talk to Arsene Wenger about a transfer.  So we may have another saga on our hands that lasts us the rest of the summer.  Sadly if Arsenal does hang on to Samir then he will have a tough time winning the fans back.

Lots of noise from the Barcelona side of the Fabregas saga saying that they will not meet our price and they have no problem waiting until the last day of the transfer window to actually wrap this up.  Fabregas can’t be happy about that and must realize this is all in Arsenal’s hands.  Barcelona will come to Arsenal on the last few days of the transfer window and say they’re ready to wrap this up and offer us 30 some million pounds and what will Arsenal do?  “We want 40 million pounds.”  Just because you wait doesn’t mean we’ll lower it, we have nothing to lose keeping Cesc.

Gervinho has passed his medical and it is set to be announced on Friday and he will also fly out with the team to Asia on Sunday.  Not sure what Wenger has in mind for him and where he’ll be playing but for a player of his quality, we sure got him for a good price.  Worth a months wait?  Idk but if we are truly in for Mata then we can’t make him wait.  Gervinho has come from a Lille team that has a similar style to Arsenal with their quick passing .  He had a great partnership with Eden Hazard and we’re hoping he can form that with Van Persie.

Two players we’ve been re-linked with today are Juan Mata and Karim Benzema.  After people have said we can’t attract the best players in the world, we will be pursuing Mata who is a fantastic player.  It’s reported by John Cross of the Daily Mirror that we are definitely in for Mata as are a few other teams but unlike the others (Liverpool, Tottenham) we can offer Champions League football.  He also says that Mata has a 22 million release clause which would break our transfer record.

For me, our immediate need at the moment is to wrap up Cahill or move on to getting a different Center Back.  I feel like Wenger is waiting so long because he has many unknowns.  How well will Bartley do?  Can I get a work permit for Miyaichi?  Will Barca stump up the cash?  Will I have to replace Nasri?  Will Bendtner, and Denilson find a team?  All these things are forcing Wenger to wait and be hesitant in the market and once he figures out the answer to each one he should be able to dive in.

From the sounds of it Arsenal are looking for a new home for Diaby but the fact that he’s hurt again isn’t helping.  Rumors were though a couple of weeks ago that someone bid for Diaby and it was rejected…so Idk.  As Arsenal fans we must be patient and while we read the news constantly we can’t always read into it too much!  Be positive, be patient and remember Wenger has a plan, Arsenal will challenge for the title yet again!


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