Why Hitting Mata’s Release Clause Will Benefit Arsenal

Interest has been confirmed by Juan Mata’s father saying that European club have been in contact but that the decision ultimately rests with Valencia.  Well not as much if he has a release clause.  If Arsenal are to trigger this clause then 1. Mata can decide to come to Arsenal or 2. Valencia can offer Mata an improved contract.  Valencia though are in so much debt, how would they be able to handle upping his wages?

I believe that Arsenal do have concrete interest in the winger and it said we made contact at the BEGINNING of the summer which is why reports are saying that he isn’t a Nasri replacement.  We’ve been eyeing him for quite a while…and with good reason…watch this.

Ignore the title because Liverpool somehow think they can actually get a player of his caliber.  In the Daily Mail we heard from Martin Samuel was it?  Arsenal needs to face it, they can’t get world class players anymore.  Why hasn’t he said that about Liverpool, a team that should be up in the top 4 every year who won’t even be playing Euro football next year.  Not to mention overspending on players like Henderson, Adam, and possibly Downing.  If Mata moves at all, he will want to play with a team in Champions League.

My only concern is his adaptation to the English league, although I have no doubt that he will fit in with Arsenal.  I feel he will be a player similar to David Silva of Manchester City.  He’s a bit small in size but great movement and great ball skill.  Silva had his first full year last year and came in with below average form, and it took him a while to adjust himself.  Second half of the season he really showed his quality and established himself as one of the best players in the EPL.

I think Arsenal are genuinely interested in the Spanish winger but I see Arsenal drawing the transfer out for a while because of Ryo Miyaichi’s impending work permit.  If Miyaichi has a great preseason and receives a special talent visa, Wenger may feel that Mata is unnecessary.  While he’s not a direct replacement for Nasri, we could see both leaving and Mata can also play in the middle.  It will be interesting to see if we can get him, and if we do acquire him it will prove some wrong that we CAN get world class players.


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