Why Arsene Wenger IS Right To Hold Off On Signings

ARSENAL IS IN CRISIS We’ve signed 1 player and 1 in on Monday supposedly and we’ve lost…well 1 person.  Apparently though because we MIGHT lose Nasri, and Fabregas will most likely be on his way we are screwed.  Wenger hasn’t been busy like they said they would is what many are thinking and many are worried that we won’t be able to hold our own in the league.  I on the other hand have much confidence in the squad and I think Wenger has the right intentions in waiting to make signings.  So I will defend him with these points…

1.  We have needs for new players in two positions, Center Back, and Defensive Midfield.  We also have two young players who play that same position.  Wenger is looking to see if they can fill that position of need.

Frimpong looks to have gotten bigger physically since the injury and must have used his time in the gym.  It looks like he can really be a force in the midfield and will get the chance to prove that he can be Song’s backup this summer.  If he can step up and be the back up, then we don’t spend 13 million on Matuidi or whoever else we want AND…no more Diaby covering for Song when he’s tired!

Kyle Bartley spent time at Rangers last year and had experience in both the Scottish league and the Europa League.  If he can step up and be a force at the back and really work well with the other defenders, it saves us 10-20 million on defenders AND we will probably see less Squillaci.  I do think we will abuy ONE defender as well but Bartley could be a key figure this season, maybe not as a starter but in the rotation.

2. Ryo Miyaichi is one of our most exciting prospects and with his spectacular season at Feyenoord last year he will look to impress for Arsenal now.  With questions over Miyaichi’s work permit possibilities Arsene will assess him and if he can get a special talent permit then will not spend money on a winger.  I don’t see how he wouldn’t get a special talent visa, seriously, Denilson got one…Many of you are thinking…well what about Mata…well Arsenal have been interested in Mata for a while, we just plain want him!as

3.  What will happen with Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri?  Well Wenger would like to keep both and it could very well happen…in Nasri’s case.  Fabregas looks to be off though and Wenger will need to find a replacement.  Well we’ve been looking at Juan Mata and if reports are to be believed, then Vidal as well.  If Nasri is to leave then we will need to find a replacement for him as well but we don’t know yet so Wenger will wait to enter the transfer market until he knows for sure.

4. Arsenal are yet to qualify for Champions League.  If we were to spend early and much but missed out on Champions League, all of the sudden we’re out 25 million pounds as well as being quite tight on money.  Wenger is known to play it safe with his money and it’s better to wait until you have it before spending it!

5.  None of our players that want out have left…besides the player we already have two backups for.  Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, Squillaci, Diaby are all still Arsenal players and teams haven’t been frantically bidding for them.  Our wage budget will be in much better condition once we get them all OFF of it.  As well then there is more room to make acquisitions where players have left.

While we as Arsenal fans may not like the idea of waiting for players to come in because they may have more problems integrating into the squad, its better to wait for the RIGHT players instead of being rash with our money.  Wenger does have his reasons which I believe are right.  I get frustrated as well with the lack of buying but I have to remember that we have much quality in our side already and are getting better every year.


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  1. You are smoking some tood shit if you think we have the quality,that quality went missing big time last season,don’t be so sure about your current assumption’s,by the end of august we wil be out the c.league and 9 points behind the leaders,in arsene we rust.

    • lol get a clue! our quality was missing for…1 MONTH we were in all four competitions for the longest time, we beat Barcelona, we beat Chelsea we beat Man u and you think we’re going to miss out on Champions League and lose the first three games? go support some other club you obviously don’t love Arsenal.

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