Gervinho Confirmed, Thoughts On Press Conference

Well its a good start to the week with Gervinho finally being confirmed as an Arsenal player.  Although many people were already expecting it for some time and may not be enough right now to appease the fans.  The vibe from fans is a bit more worrying than anything.  That last month of crap that Arsenal displayed really took a toll on the fans into thinking that our whole year was a disaster when in reality, we were quite good up until we got too tired.

Things are looking bright now though with only Clichy leaving so far, Bendnter and Almunia out the door soon enough as well.  Hopefully we can get Denilson out which will be very positive because we can free up space for players who want to be there as well as wages to make new signings.  With all three players being paid very handsomely, it will be good to have some freed up wage space.  We now have Gervinho as well who is a very talented attacker and can play multiple positions.  I think he will do quite well at Arsenal.  We also have a few young guys who are ready for first team action with Miyaichi looking to secure a work permit and also Frimpong, and Bartley.

Wenger spoke to the media today about Miyaichi and how he’s looking forward to watching him play and how he’s surprised Wenger and it looks like if we can get a work permit he could be a big part of the season.  Still young, he can learn a lot from Arshavin and really grow if he stays with Arsenal this year.

He also spoke on the future of Nasri and Fabregas and he put it simply…they will both stay.  He has said that both Nasri and Fabregas both want to be at Arsenal and both love it there.  Nasri staying, I can believe Fabregas…I don’t see it.  I still think Fabregas will leave.  Nasri on the other hand could still extend his contract.  I feel like he’s waiting to see how this summer turns out with new signings before he commits to anything.

Unfortunately Nasri will get A LOT of abuse from the Arsenal fans because of the press.  Not once has Nasri said he wants to leave, he may not have helped by saying some of the things he did but he never said he wants to leave, he just wants Arsenal to be better!  Now it’s not for sure that he will stay or leave yet but he looks to be happy with his teammates and has refused to move to Italy as well.  I feel Arsenal is the best place for him though and if he holds down the center of the field this year he will be the best midfielder in the EPL.

Sir Alex Ferguson has put his two cents in about Nasri as well today saying he doesn’t think he will be a United player and even said he thinks Nasri has agreed to go somewhere else.  Ferguson said that it would be a brave decision to run Nasri’s contract out but he may have to stay with Arsenal so no real inclination of what will happen but we know he won’t be a United player next year.




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