You Have To Spend Money, To Make Money

Unfortunately, little money has been spent so far and season ticket prices have hiked up the wazoo!  With the 6.5% increase in the season ticket prices most fans were expecting to see a few more signings coming in the door and a few more old faces out.  Now almost halfway through July and 6-7 weeks of the transfer window left we have seen Carl Jenkinson and Gervinho come through the door.

Recently, we have seen news all over of the departure of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.  We all expected Cesc to leave this summer but Samir Nasri is a bit of a complicated issue.  Nasri’s contract expires in 12 months and he has rejected the new ones thrown at him.  Some say he’s waiting for more signings, others say he’s looking for another team and Arsene Wenger says, “he stays!”  If he indeed wants to leave as reported, then what good will it do to keep him?  He will have little ambition to play for the club and will essentially walk out on the club for NOTHING!

Once he leaves next summer for free, what money will we have to replace him?  How can we possibly stay competitive and grow as a team if we have no money to replace a player that will take us hostage!  If he is just waiting for more signings then great, but if he plans on just leaving at the end of his contract, we need to sell and replace him with the money that has come in.

Which brings me to my next point!  Arsenal must spend money if they want to make any money at all!  With their huge price increase how can they expect fans to continue buying and continue showing up to every game when they aren’t using the money to reinvest in team?  They must be a bit short of number of season ticket holders this year but whether they realize it’s their fault is to be seen.  Gazidis and Wenger have said they have been busy day and night and I trust that they are, but when will we see that? The very last week of the transfer period?

How can we expect to make a serious title challenge plus Champions league if we’re just bringing in players when we’ve already started?  Now I just posted a couple of days ago about how it is right for Wenger to wait on signings because their is unknowns still in the squad, but after the next week and a half most of these unknowns should be cleared up and it’s important that  they move swiftly and get their players in as quickly as possible.  We have to spend money, otherwise City, Chelsea, Man U will all move beyond us and it could hurt us financially quite a bit.

This year fans will be on Wenger quickly and ferociously and it is up to him to make us believe in his abilities as a coach again because the trust in many fans has already been lost.


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