Arsenal In Negotiations With Saprissa Striker

According to Gunnerblog Arsenal are in for Deportiva Saprissa and Costa Rica Striker Joel Campbell.  The 19 year old has been one of the stars for Costa Rica during the Copa America and it looks like it has firmed up Arsenal’s interest in him.  Richard Law recently landed to start negotiations with the player’s team and if you go to the link up above there is a video there of Law arriving.  Campbell only has 12 months left on his contract,  and Campbell would like negotiations concluded before the U-20 World Cup.  Arsenal will be looking to conclude talks quickly as well with there being interest from Spain and Italy.

The 19 year old is very skilled, left footed, full of confidence and can play both as a center forward or on the wings.  Arsenal may be looking to sign him based on the fact that Chamakh and Gervinho will both be gone in January for the AFC.  Campbell is a full time National Team player so he shouldn’t have a problem getting a work permit.  Here is a video of him and when I have more information I will add it!


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  1. Sorry to piss on your parade, but comments like “but lets hope we don’t drag out negotiations as he is wanted by other clubs in Spain and Italy” are so unneccessary and really frustrate me to the point where I never want to read your blog again. You know fuck-all about this player other than what you have seen on you-tube. I bet you have not bothered to find out anything more about him either. He is a youngster of 19 and not even a regular for his club Saprissa but out on loan where he has only made 5 appearances the last season. So obviously he is a possible investment for the future and will have to compete with a number of other youngsters at Arsenal. Definitely not the big name signing you crave. It is not a given that Arsenal wants to sign him – yet you come with your negative undertones getting a stab in at the AFC officials. Perhaps you are not aware of this so hopefully my rant will serve a positive purpose.

    • Well first of all, I only say that in regards to the fact of how we handled the Ricardo Alvarez situation in which we did drag it out and Inter Milan came in and snapped him up. Secondly, I’ve been watching the Copa America, I watch Costa Rica, and I HAVE seen him play…I show you youtube because it’s all that is available to show you. I’m aware he’s not a “big name” signing but he would stay with the club, it you looked at the link i posted it shows Law with Campbell’s agent, plus I’m not the first to report this…you only look at it and interpret it as a negative undertone when it really isn’t…but thanks for assuming you know everything about me…

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