Transfer Activity To Begin After Asia Tour

Before you read this and say, “how the crap do you know this?” I’m just saying, its not for sure, I’m not promising anything, just off of sources I know, and basically my own logic and trends I’ve noticed through Arsenal.  I could be completely wrong although I’ll probably be right, and when I’m wrong feel free to come back and rub it in my face, okay?

Now that our Asian Tour is over our players should be arriving home very shortly if not already, and will hopefully be getting a rest and getting rid of some jet lag.  While that is happening Arsene Wenger will be dealing with a few buys and sells in the team.  Next week we should see an end to Niklas Bendtner and Manuel Almunia, and Denilson should also be leaving on loan as it is reported he’ll fly in to Sao Paulo on Monday.  With the three of them leaving this frees up the wages Wenger has been waiting for.  So what’s the plan for Arsene?

First things first! Gervinho has been officially been revealed as an Arsenal player on the website, although we haven’t had any pictures or really anything besides the confirmation.  Hopefully everything will be in order and they won’t delay any longer in showing us pictures of him in his new kit and maybe a few training with his new teammates!  Our second transfer of the summer from Lille has taken over a month so hopefully we’ll see an end to it all and see him in the beautiful Arsenal Anniversary shirt!

If you’ve followed Gunnerblog he’s continued on his story of Joel Campbell and has confirmed that the two clubs have agreed a fee of 1.5 million pounds.  The 19 year old Striker has just begun playing for the national team and if he wants to play a part in Arsenal’s team this year he will need to apply for a special talent visa.  Being that he hasn’t had much experience playing at the top level though, it may be nice to send him out on loan to Spain or Holland.

I watched the Costa Rican’s game against Argentina and while they lost pretty badly, he showed glimpses of skill and talent especially for the poor service he was receiving.  He’s been leading the line by himself in the Copa America for an average Costa Rican side and the Tico has scored 2 goals in 5 games.  Campbell is blessed with pace, and is not a small guy, he’s left footed and has a great strike.  So while many may be excited that we’ll be signing someone, he may be a longer term player.

The deadline to sign Cahill set by Bolton is this week and it has been reported that we are in negotiations and they would like to take a few players of ours on loan.  Ignasi Miquel and Henri Lansbury could be going the other way in the deal which would be a great bit of business in my opinion.  I think Arsenal have three solid Center Backs in Vermaelen, Kos, and Djourou and to add another is pivotal for this season.

The People are reporting that Arsenal are offering Cesc Fabregas a 14 million pound 2 year extension to stay with the club that would keep him here until 2017.  If he signed it would end all speculation and hope of Barcelona landing him and would piss Pep Guardiola off to no end.  But to throw it out there, I HIGHLY doubt he would sign it.  My feelings are he will hold out until the end for that move to Barcelona.

Juan Mata’s price has been quoted at 20 million dollars by Football Talk who got their info from somewhere else and even though the President has said he’s not for sale, and the player himself is ignoring it, we’re still going for him.  I would love it if he was in an Arsenal shirt and if we do, it’s probably because the board will be telling Wengel r they will NOT let Nasri walk out on the free next season.  Arsenal will want to have a replacement for Nasri before he leaves.

Football Talk is also reporting that Arsenal has found their replacement for Cesc Fabregas in the form of Ricardo Montolivo.  The Italian is in the final 12 months of his contract at Fiorentina and has refused to sign a new one.  The report goes on the say Arsenal will offer 12 million which should be more than enough to land the midfielder.  Montolivo is a very creative midfielder with great vision and passing and is very similar to Cesc Fabregas…except not quite as good.  I would be worried if we did sign him as well with Italians not the best in the EPL.

Fanatix is reporting that Arsenal may try and beat Manchester United to Marek Hamsik, the midfielder has been linked with a move away all summer but may want to stay in Napoli with Champions League football this year!  Not sure there’s much merit to this but its something you can dream about for now.

The Daily Mail (not linking because I feel bad sending you there) says Enrique is holding out for Arsenal and we may answer…they obviously don’t follow Arsenal much though except when someone says we’re failures or we fail to win.  Anyways, Wenger has already confirmed we’ll be putting our faith in Kieren Gibbs, and Armand Traore.

Lastly, a bit from last night on Romelu Lukaku.  The Express is reporting we’re battling Chelsea for the Belgian striker and that we’ve offered 14 million pounds.  His agent was in London the other night and apparently we talked to him.  Chelsea has been rumored to get him all summer and it was my understanding that his desire was to play for Chelsea so I just thought he was into boring football.  While he would be a great addition and would add some strength and height to this team, 14 million won’t cut it…Why low ball them when your competing with another team for him?  Doesn’t make sense to me, if you want him then show them you want him!  We should be setting the example for Barcelona that if you want a player, you gotta put up or go home and dream about it!

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