I Smell a Crisis Coming On!

Not really, but that may be what the papers will be telling us after the next couple of weeks depending on how things go.  We’re looking at  a few players leaving including the possibility of Cesc going as it was revealed today that the two clubs are negotiating for the Catalan “hostage” but there is still quite a ways to go.  We continue to pray for an end to it but I’m afraid it will be quite a while.  Other players out the door soon are Bendtner, Almunia, possibly Eboue, and maybe a few surprises we don’t know about.

Now who will come in the door?

Well Football Talk says we’re back in for the defensive midfielder after losing out to Juventus a couple of years ago.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you go to Italy to ruin your career…anyways, Football Talk says he’ll cost us 15 mil, but I highly doubt it would take even that much to bring him.  He has a good amount of experience and Arsenal could be the place to get his career back up and running!  Will it happen though?  Melo had this to say…

“I’ve received an offer from Europe that will vastly improve my salary. We’re finalising the details.

“We’re finalising the details and over the next few days everything should be completed.

“I was not cut from the Juventus squad. Quite simply, in agreement with the directors, we decided it was inconvenient that I should only play in Serie A, considering my salary and the contract that runs to 2014.”

For me that’s a clear indication that he’s NOT coming to Arsenal, mostly because he says it will vastly improve his salary.  Arsenal isn’t the place to vastly improve your salary.  Now I’m not sure what he was on at Juve but we will find out in the coming days where he is going.  He’s also rumored to have interest from Chelsea who need a holding midfielder so it fits the bill honestly.

Fanatix who continue to look more and more like a givemefootball.com or caughtoffside.com kind of site that just makes up crap for the fun of it have linked us with Javi Martinez.  It sucks that they are full of crap because they link us with players I want!!!  Javi Martinez another holding midfielder is very tempting and is tall, but I think he would have quite the price tag.  Wishful thinking I guess.

Interesting bit came about Samir Nasri our contract rebel, from football-corner.  Just a blogger as well but have revealed that Manchester City have signed Samir Nasri already and will reveal it on Thursday.  Man City is supposedly unveiling someone this week and this blogger thinks its Nasri.  After all the death threats and harsh comments he has said he knows someone who works for Manchester City who revealed it to him.  While there are no sources and really nothing to go on except for their words, it makes me a little nervous.  Even bloggers can receive that kind of info I guess but we’ll see.

I’m nervous but not kind of because if we do sell him, its a good piece of business and Nasri won’t even be an automatic starter with tons of players to compete with for a place it could be quite a bad career choice…besides the money.  Many won’t believe it, I don’t as well until I see it actually happen but it still makes nervous and excited.

If Cesc and Nasri go it will be very sad but exciting to see who gets brought in and some fresh talented experienced blood is just what this team needs!  Honestly the future of that attacking mid role behind the striker belongs to one person…Jack Wilshere.  He has excellent vision and uses his size and dribbling ability to really make some fantastic runs, and once he gets a better end product he will be the best player in England.

Continuing, The Daily Star says we’re going back oonnnneeee more time to Nasri with an improved offer of 115,000 a week to try and get him to sign on the dotted line.  Well its all speculation so maybe we’ll see him in an Arsenal shirt again, maybe we won’t and it could be why Wenger was so upset that Mancini came out about wanting Nasri earlier last week.  I’m one who would like to see Arsenal replace Nasri for someone like Mata instead of being held hostage but just my opinion!

According to the Mirror we have delegates from Barcelona coming in to try and resolve the Fabregas saga quite soon, apparently they didn’t get the ransom note that Gazidis sent them…he spent so much time on it too!!!  Anyways, there are many candidates for who could replace Cesc and I still think it’s Wilshere who should be playing that role, and I’m not even one of those crazy Wilshere lovers that think he was our best player last year, but I’m picky…My girlfriend is in love with him though.

Rangers may be upset to know that Kyle Bartley wants first team action…with Arsenal.  Bartley will be looking to play in our friendly with Cologne on Saturday and in my opinion should be ahead of Squillaci in the depth chart.  After preseason I think he will be, but he will still be fifth choice when we buy Cahill this week.  I think Bartley will go out on loan as he needs to play, and he can’t rot in the reserves the whole year.  If he waits long enough I’m sure with injuries he’ll find himself having a few games even.

For more rumors and info on players Arsenal are looking at check out O-Posts  Browse around on there too as there is a good article about how Arsenal should go back to a 4-4-2.

Catch me on Twitter as well at @GunnerTactics I’m always talking about Arsenal and love a good convo!


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