Transfer Roundup and Cologne Preview

A bit of a boring day today with nothing really happening except more places confirming that Denilson has gone on loan and confirming it as well.  Not much going on for players coming in though as we’re still waiting for more news on Gary Cahill who could be on his way to Arsenal soon.  Also some a few “interesting” rumors coming out today that I’ll get to later.  Arsenal have a game against Cologne on Saturday and it will be a game for some of the young guns to get a run in against some better competition.

Now for some good stories for today’s wishful thinking section starting with Franck Ribery.  The report says that Arsenal are in advanced talks with Munich and will be paying 22 million for Ribery.  Not sure on the credibility of this source but I would love for it to happen.  Ribery has been plagued by injuries so he would fit in perfectly with much of the squad but he electrifies when hes out on the field.  I have no doubt that if he had a good injury free season this team would see a trophy.  Ribery is looking to be the best player in the world and Arsenal is place he could do that.

A newer story that has just come out recently is on Juan Mata who Arsenal have been looking at all summer long.  Before today their stance had been that Mata is not for sale.  Now the coach has said this from Espn:

The possibility exists that Mata will leave the club, We want him to stay and Mata has also expressed his desire to stay at Valencia, but at the same time we cannot stop a player who really wants to leave for money or for a bigger club. So, if there is a large financial offer from any club, that is good for both us and him, we will have to let him leave.

So some progress can be made on getting Mata and he looks like a player Wenger wants.

Cologne on Saturday!  Our first glimpse of Gervinho, a good look at a few of the youngsters who will make a stake for the first team as well.  We’ll have our watchful eyes on Frimpong, Bartley, Miyaichi, and Afobe as they look to make a good impression.  It will be interesting to see what Wenger’s starting line up will be and where he will place Gervinho.  I feel he will put him on the wing but his speed and quickness could see him line up at the top with Van Persie playing in behind him.

Bartley will need to have a big game and really show Wenger that he’s the answer to our set piece problem, as well as having a solid performance.  Bartley did well on his loan spell with Rangers playing center back most of the time but he did get a shot at defensive midfield and impressed.  Plus we all know how much Wenger LOVES playing his players out of position so I’m excited for a more competitive match!

Until tomorrow where I’m hoping we sign someone…Yes I’m a very wishful thinker!


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