Arsenal Fans…There’s Good News and Bad News!

Okay Okay I’ll get to the bad news first…Bad news is we’ve made a bid for a short, injury prone, 28 year old center back.  Sky Sports have confirmed that Arsenal put in a bid for Phil Jagielka today of 10 million pounds and it rejected.  That last part there was the good news by the way.  I’m quite happy to say it was rejected and I’m praying that we don’t go back in for him with an improved offer.  We can do MUCH better than Jagielka…like Cahill or Samba.

Jagielka is a decent center back, but I don’t think he’s what Arsenal should be looking for at the moment and eventually Arsene is going to need to stop living with this double standard for transfers where we won’t pay enough money for a player but when we sell it needs to be top dollar and more than the player is worth.  Bolton want 17 million for Cahill and Arsene needs to suck it up and pay it, because if Arsene had Cahill in his team and wanted to sell he would be demanding the exact same thing…if not more!

Good news is that the board is just as sick of it as the fans are.  They’ve been waiting for new players too and they’re seeing a decline in ticket sales which hurts them in the long run so the board is starting to get involved.  We were hoping to see a signing this week with the season being a whole 3 weeks away but its not looking promising unless they announce one out of nowhere.

Some news in today on Santi Cazorla and Arsenal’s interst in him.  The 26 year old may be the subject of a bid from Arsenal and would jump at the chance to play for Arsene Wenger.  For me he’s a player like Mata…in that I would love to have him in an Aely rsenal shirt.  He would strengthen the team a good deal and has the experience to really help out cause this year.

Either way, we need to get moving in the transfer market and one player I don’t think we should be putting any money to is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.  I have no doubt that he’s a talented player and could grow into quite the play maker…but we have tons of them the same age sitting in our U-18’s why don’t we deal with that first.  We have players like Jon Toral, Galindo, Bellerin, Bunjaku, Ozyakup, Ebicillo all working hard to make the first team and all are very talented.  Lets give them a chance before spending 12 million dollars on Chamberlain.

Cologne is soon and I’m impatient…Arsenal do something!


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