Neither Side Budge on Fabregas Dispute

Looks like our Fabregas saga will continue to roll on another week as there have been differences in opinion on how much The B team are willing to pay for our Captain.  It’s really hard for anyone to understand where these Catalans are coming from with this as well.  They are paying 41 million for Sanchez, Palermo want 45 million for Pastore, Santos 40 million for Neymar, Tottenham want more than 35 million for Luka Modric…what do they all have in common?  Well none of them have won the world cup, none have won the Euros and none have that much experience.  These players have high price tags, but The B Team are only willing to pay 31 million pounds for a player that has put in 119 assists in 212 premier league games!

Honestly I’ve come to peace with him leaving because it’s what will make him happy.  Despite him wanting to leave on good terms and not put in a transfer request he needs to see that it is hurting the club more by him staying and being “injured”.  The only way for him to leave though is if his future team (may their name forever burn in hell) pays up what we value him.  It’s really their loss if they miss out on him because there is a good chance he will have a lost year in which he sulks because he’s in London still and our valuation of him still won’t drop.  We’ll even give him the year to work on those hammies.

For me the only way to get this deal to go through is if they offer us a good player along with the money they’ve already offered.  With the acquisition of Sanchez and some up and coming talented players like Thiago they should have a few players they can dispose of…like Villa for instance.  Personally, I like the idea of Ibrahim Afellay coming over in the deal.  RvP has always spoken highly of him and even urged Wenger to get him before Barcelona grabbed him for a whopping 3 million while he had 6 months to go on his contract.

Afellay is fast, he’s decent height and can handle getting pushed around a bit.  He’s a good finisher and has a wicked shot and would take a little pressure of us having to try and find a replacement for Cesc.  The two things I notice about him are his crosses and his shots, they are both extremely accurate and he’s played on many big stages so he has the experience.

Just my opinion on how to get this deal through because like Arsene said today, Nasri’s future isn’t sorted either and I really think he will end up a City player before the season starts.  It’s unfortunate but it’s just the feeling I have in my gut!

Think I’m nuts? Tell me about it @gunnertactics  Or Catch my game time rambling tomorrow morning when Arsenal take on Cologne!

Also, if you haven’t noticed I refuse to say the name of the team Cesc will be transferring to so if your confused by the B team, well then you’ll never know!


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