Gervinho Stars As Nasri Bores

I’m really excited from what I saw in the first half today and I feel like that is close to what our best team is despite the fact that our veterans were second half players.  Everything flowed much better in the first half and we looked much more dangerous in the first half.  I was thinking about the game last night and what Wenger had said before about our squad size and when you think about it, we have a very good team right now.  Some say we need a defensive midfielder but it’s looking like Frimpong is ready to step in to that role, and I think we still need a striker unless Afobe is ready to step up.

Gervinho started the game today and didn’t fail to impress with two BEAUTIFUL finishes off of a Wilshere, and Walcott pass.  Walcott yet again looked very dangerous on the right and Gervinho really showed up today, he did well attacking, well defending and in general was the most dangerous player out there.  Again Chamakh…not impressed.  Miyaichi came on for the last bit of the first half which was disappointing he didn’t get more time but really made good use of his time.

You could really tell that the boys had some heavy legs today as they’ve been working on fitness so I’ll cut Ramsey a little slack for the few passes that were to the wrong team.  Ramsey looks like he’s hungry for a starting spot and if I was the manager I would be giving it to him.  He and Wilshere have a great understanding.  One thing I notice is when Nasri and Fabregas are up there they stay up there and don’t come back much but Ramsey does and it’s helped a lot defensively especially with Wilshere’s ability to get forward as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I firmly believe that attacking midfield spot is Jack Wilshere’s with his mazy runs, great dribbling and vision he’s such a creator.

Now the defense still looked a little bit shaky at times but we also have to remember the heavy legs they have.  You could really tell some of them had to put a lot in just to get to their sprint.  The second half in my opinion was a bit of a bore.  Nasri didn’t look interested and I saw him dispossessed a few times and just not even try to get it back.  I understand if you lose the ball sometimes but not putting in effort is not okay.  If you can’t tell I’m not too happy about the way Nasri has handled this summer but bringing it on the pitch with you is not okay.

Rosicky, Arshavin, Van Persie, all had pretty good games and what  I liked most is that they showed the effort and showed they cared.  Arshavin has had a lot to work on with his form taking a big dip last year.  The second half with our substitutions brought the chemistry down though so we looked less dangerous and a little boring.  I was a bit disappointed that Afobe only got a couple of minutes as I wanted to see what he could do with the Arsenal team and I feel bad for Henderson although I’ve never rated him.

Squillaci put in his usual sketchy defending but gave us a good laugh when he got into a scuffle with Podolski.  Djourou did well to save a few goals but it looked as if he wasn’t at his best, but I give that to Squillaci making him look bad.  I have a feeling Wenger is looking for some balance in each team so our best team will have Djourou and Vermaelen playing together.

I know I’ve been a bit all over the place so I’ll get to my studs and duds for the day:

Studs – Ramsey/Wilshere, I put them together because they were quite the duo today and both were impressive.

Gervinho, 2 goals in 30 minutes…what more do you need?

Walcott, looked dangerous, gave Gervinho his second goal and is really growing into a good footballer

Carl Jenkinson, Scored a fantastic goal, I don’t care if it was for Cologne, that was hilarious!


Samir Nasri, Go Away!

Chamakh, still hasn’t looked himself, just needs to bring it up a notch

Vela, Looked flat lost the ball a few times


Anyways, I’m impressed for the most part but I guess I’ll formulate more opinions after the Emirates Cup and decide how I feel.  Hopefully by then a few wages open up with the sales of Bendtner, Almunia, and Eboue…(whisper) and Nasri.  We’ll hope Wenger can get us that new center back he’s been looking for!


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  1. Sawnet Shiferaw

    By z way zs is z time to Nasri & Fabri to leave z squad b/c they bored alot, what we r expecting from them to improve z team!!! Both of them r f***d

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