What a Great Day To Be A Gooner!

It was a great day to be a Gooner after watching Gervinho put in two goals with relative ease it put things into perspective that we have a really good side.  All our players have gotten a little better besides for Chamakh and Squillaci and we’re looking to sign a defender.  As long as that defender is Jagielka then we’ll have improvement!

Funny thing is, The Daily Star says that if we want Jagielka we need to pay 17 mil and that we’ll make an improved offer for the England Center Back.  The Mirror on the other hand is saying that David Moyes won’t even answer the phone for us because he sees Jagielka as the future captain of Everton.  I can see why Moyes would want to keep him as he’s talented and does well for Everton, but I think we can do without him.  It’s sad to see the Samba and Cahill rumors stop because those are two talented center backs we could really use…Cahill more so for me.

The Daily Star once again is reporting that PSG is looking to get Chamakh and I’m already questioning the validity because it says we purchased him last season for 15 million pounds…we got him for free DS 😉  Also they don’t need a striker they’ve already signed Gameiro and Hourou or however you spell it, he’s quite the talent though.  If they really want Chamakh maybe we can strike a swap deal with Sakho involved eh?

The Express reports that Arsenal are demanding 25 million pounds plus Thiago for Cesc Fabregas which would be a good move in my opinion.  The 25 million can cover for Nasri leaving for free next summer while he sits on the bench all year this year and we have quite a talented replacement for Cesc.  It would work in Barcelona’s favor as well because Fabregas is in the plans of Pep more than Thiago.  Now whether this is valid or not who knows, but I think I would do it for the sake of Arsenal, the fans and Cesc Fabregas GET THIS SAGA OVER WITH.

Goal.com is reporting that our interest in Santi Cazorla is very real but the only way it will happen is if Juve fail in their attempts to get Giuseppe Rossi.  Cazorla is a fantastic player and has some good experience so he’d be a nice addition.  Not much to say on that I guess.

Ryo Miyaichi has spoken today and asked if he had any loan plans and he said there had been no talks with he and Arsene on the subject and his plans are stay with the club.  Arsene must be pretty confident of him getting a special talent visa.  I think if he does get the visa then he will start out the year on the bench but will end the year a starter.

Not much else in the papers today, tried to find as much as I could but hey, until my next post.



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  1. Sawnet Shiferaw

    It’s good if we get 25 million together with Thiago,if Barca tabled zs 4 Arsenal, wenger must accept zs if it comes true.inaddition we need to buy a cener back player & buy z following players; Mata,& Miyaichi just to improve z squad & to win z trophies!!

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