Fabregas Analysis and Transfer Rumors!

Well every Sunday evening I preview the week saying it will be a  busy one and every week I’m left a little disappointed by our lack of business.  Although it’s very hard to be disappointed with Gervinho putting in the display he did, and I’m quite pleased with some of the performances Saturday.  I’m very excited to see the Emirates Cup and I’m really hoping we see a few sagas resolved, as well as a few outgoing players and just 1 incoming player!

Arsenal has given Barcelona a deadline on signing Fabregas which seems to be this Friday and if they haven’t come up with the fee we want then we close the door on them.  It would be nice if Cesc stayed because he’s a great player and if he can have a healthy season then we’ll win silverware for sure.  I’ll outline what will make Cesc even more dangerous this year later.  Another reason I would like to see Cesc stay is because then we can offload Nasri and not lose him for anything next year.  If you read here much, I’m not a big fan of Nasri right now and don’t believe he should really ever put on the shirt again.  I hate the thought of him going to Man City but I think he’ll regret it besides the money factor.

There are a few rumors out there involving Cesc right now that we are demanding any deal for Cesc will also need to involve Barcelona midfielder Thiago.  It’s very tempting and if Arsenal could strike a deal to bring in Thiago or Afellay it would work well in our favor because Fabregas is happy, plus we can still offload Nasri and buy his replacement if need be because we already have one for Fabregas.

The other rumor involves Cesc and Ac Milan.  Apparently Ac Milan have signed a Mr. X and a few think it’s Cesc Fabregas which I’m not sure why he would go there…Read it for yourself here but not sure of the validity of it as it seems pretty impossible.

There’s also been rumors of Danielle De Rossi who is on the last year of his contract and could come on the cheap from Roma.  Thinking about the midfield lining up with De Rossi, Wilshere, Fabregas or De Rossi, Song, Wilshere just gives me goosebumps with how amazing it would be.  The Italian hard man could really do some damage in the premier league and could actually have a chance of winning a trophy.  Don’t think he’ll get that at Roma.

Fabregas Analysis

So I have good reason to believe that Cesc would be an even better player this year if he was fit and healthy and stayed with Arsenal this year.  Over the past couple of years Theo Walcott has been a dream player for Fabregas to play with.  He’s the fastest player in the league and likes to take off whenever he sees Cesc get the ball.  Unfortunately though it leaves an air of predictability in our game.  Cesc gets the ball lets watch Theo take off.  Our left side with Nasri and Arshavin being a little slower and more accustomed to moving the ball inside meant a pretty easy game plan for the defenders.

Now our three players leading the the line are all players that can play in that Center Forward position or play on the wings as natural wingers!  Gervinho and Walcott are both amazingly fast and Cesc will have another target to send down with his long balls creating more unpredictability with where he can move the ball and who will make the run!  Cesc with his blessed accuracy can surely increase his productivity quite a bit and create far more chances.  Now all that needs to happen is him to stay.


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