Where Did All The Supportive Fans Go?

So I was doing my rounds of blogs and seeing what others were saying when I saw Arsene Wenger’s comments how close we were to winning last season, and how he would try to add a new defender this year.  When I looked at the comments I saw someone say, ‘we were not even close this year, we were barely able to get 4th place last year’ and the same old whining crap from “fans” who all they do is give Arsene crap and bust his chops all day.

It’s upsetting to see people who want to throw our entire team away because there was no silverware and who will give so much crap to a team that was so close to winning this year.  So many times I sit there and read the comment and go…”do they even like Arsenal?”  You say your just whining and moaning because you love the club and want to see them win something well maybe you should support them instead of always being first to judge for a bad pass, or a missed opportunity, but shall I remind you what  we really achieved last year?

In the beginning of the season, most people across Europe thought Arsenal would not be in the top 4 at all and most thought Liverpool would get back on their feet and take their spot back from us.  Liverpool is garbage for one thing and this off season they’ve not really improved.  People think Dalglish have helped but he’s made them move average than they already were.  We kicked things off against Liverpool last year after adding Marouane Chamakh, Laurent Koscielney, and Sebastian Squillaci.  We were barely able to scrap a draw away from Liverpool as we were without our Captain and best striker.  Many thought Arsenal had no chance this season but we stayed in it the whole year.

We disposed of Tottenham 4-1 in the Carling Cup, took down Money City 3-0, thrashed Chelsea 3-1, Beat Manchester United 1-0, and our best moment beating Barcelona 2-1.  After Barcelona things became complicated as we had a mix up in the Carling Cup final that saw us lose to a team that was relegated.  The next game we were extremely unlucky that we had Massimo Busacca referring and sent Robin Van Persie off.

After this and our Newcastle fail our team just lacked the mentality to recover.  Nasri was no longer having a player of the year season, Jack and Song were extremely tired, Van Persie did his best and Cesc was barely even there.  Our season went downhill, but we were in 4 competitions longer than anyone and that would take its toll on many teams, not just ours.  Yes we didn’t win any silverware, but we had a sniff at it and everyone will be hungrier than ever.  While I can’t justify the team for not winning silverware I will say it wasn’t a failure because we are still in Champions League, we still have top players and have added a fabulous one.  We have reason to believe that we can win this year because we were so close last year and we still have our same players who led us to it.

What some “fans” want are 6 signings so we can keep up with all the big teams…who have Chelsea signed this year? two unknowns, and Liverpool? Well they’ve signed 4 average at best players and overpaid for each one!  City have signed a defender that Wenger didn’t think was good enough and Gael Clichy.  Tottenham is crap and United is the only team that has strengthened their team more than we have.  Not to mention that our signing is better than any signing in the Premier League so far.

Arsene won’t always make the best decisions like keeping Nasri but he’s trying to keep his club stabilized and the chemistry together.  We have players who have been playing together for some time now and they are ready to make their mark on England and Europe and we have reason to be really excited for this season.  We shouldn’t be looking on last season in dread but remember how far we came and how close we came, we should see that this is our year.  What upsets me more is when we win those posers that say they love the club will say they new it from the start!

Don’t agree with me? Think last season was an utter failure and we weren’t even close?  You can suck it!


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  1. Well said mate, spoken like a true fan.

  2. A great post, echoing my sentiments exactly. In fact I felt so strongly about the lack of support for the team I started a Facebook group called Positive Gooners!


    I will link to this post on there!

  3. So what if we were close? We were probably very close many times for the past 6 seasons. But no win means no win. Period. Some fans are vocal about their unhappiness (including me) because we CARE! If we don’t give a shit, why do you think we even bother to voice out?

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