Juan Mata Soon To Be a Gunner?

Not much coming out for transfers today but we have other worries on our hands with Theo injured and back in London we will be praying that he’s okay and will be able to make it for our first game against Newcastle.  This year though looks the year that we have depth in quality so that when we do lose someone like Theo to injury, we have a player like Gervinho, Ryo, Arshavin or possibly even (knock on wood) Juan Mata to come in and we don’t lose much quality.

Young Guns is reporting that we have everything lined up to submit our bid for Ryo Miyaichi’s work permit.  With the young Japanese player staring for Feyenoord last year and coming into the first team for preseason Arsene Wenger is ready to put him right into the action.  Although his lack of playing time for the National team could hinder his permit chances he may be able to acquire his special talent visa due to him being a starter all year last year and making an impact on our preseason.  We’re all praying that Ryo gets his permit so he can get some good experience with the Arsenal team as well as make an impact.  I see him being an impact sub and rotational player for much of the year so when we do lose players to injury, seeing that it always happens, then we’ll have a great backup!

I came across an article by Legendaire today talking about Cesc and Nasri and its something I agree with as well as being a very interesting read.  Much of the main point other than Cesc and Nasri will both be sold is, how are we going to attract world class players if we come out and say we’re selling them both!?  There’s a chance that Nasri could already have agreed a deal with Manchester City and they’re just waiting to announce it until we find a suitable replacement.  Don’t quote me on that…just saying, its possible.  Another thing written in this article is something I’ve been talking up for a while, which is the partnership between Ramsey and Wilshere.  Watch the preseason games again or watch on Saturday and Sunday and you will see, they have great chemistry together.

Lastly is this whole story on Juan Mata that has gathered some pace today.  Yesterday the Daily Star predicted Mata would be an Arsenal player in the next 24 hours and while I don’t believe that I do believe that our interest is real and that this transfer really could happen.  The last two months the president of the club has always said they won’t sell Mata at any price while the coach has said, well if a good offer comes in we can’t stop him from leaving.

Every single site reporting this has given a different fee for how much we would pay, some have said 13 mil others 17 mil was his buyout clause and I’d be willing to pay the 17 for him because he’s a very good player.  The mirror are reporting that Mata’s parents and reps have flown in for talks with Arsenal.  Sometimes when they report that I wish they would actually prove it to me, show me a picture in the airport or something…because I’m still skeptical!

What makes me laugh the most about this whole thing is that when its all done and Mata is a Gunner it just makes Liverpool look more of a joke than ever!  Gervinho 12 million…better than all three of their signings.  Mata 13-17 million…better than all three of their signings…Liverpool paying more than double the price!  The only thing they have going for them this year is Luis Suarez.

Well I said I was going to get to an article I didn’t get to typing today, maybe tomorrow!  Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more good news regarding Juan Mata!



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