Peter Hill-Wood Says What The Fans Have Been Thinking!

Bit of BIG news today coming from the world of Arsenal!  I was thinking we’d be signing someone this week and hey what do you know, Joel Campbell has agreed to join Arsenal after the U-20 World Cup with Costa Rica.  The Saprissa striker has had a successful summer playing in the Copa America as well as the upcoming U-20 World Cup.  It was first reported a couple of weeks ago that Arsenal had agreed a fee with Saprissa for the striker but complications took place and it appeared we wouldn’t be landing the striker.

Gunnerblog has reported today that the striker has told coaches he will be joining Arsenal after the U-20 world cup and has signed a contract with the club!  Whether he will get a work permit is to be seen though with this being his first season playing in the National Team.  If he is denied a work permit then he will most likely go on loan to Spain for the year until he meets all of the qualifications for the work permit.

The bit of news that most fans are excited about is Juan Mata.  The Sun reports that Mata has told friends that he is joining Arsenal and will be joining for 19 million pounds.  It is a bit more than being reported but still completely worth it in my opinion.  The winger will be a great addition to the team but some will see it as a sign that either Fabregas or Nasri are leaving.  If he is a replacement for Nasri then it is a really good bit of business on our part and I will be quite pleased.

News coming from Legendaire (who has his news from another source so check his article out) is that Mata will be a special guest at the Emirates on Saturday and Sunday before signing for the club next week!  It was reported earlier that his reps were in London to negotiate things so things are going quite quickly…which is odd for Arsenal.  If all of this comes to be then it will be quite a massive signing for the club!

Lastly I wanted to spend a few moments talking about the comments made by Peter Hill-Wood today regarding the negotiations with Barcelona.  PHW managed to really say what all the fans have been saying for quite some time and I almost started cheering as I read his comments.  Here they are:

“They have been messing about for a year and a half now and they have got to make up their minds, The ball is in their court. They have made one bid of around £26m and another rather tentative one.  If they want to buy the player they are going to have to pay the right price – and when you look at what is being paid elsewhere I don’t think what we are asking is at all unreasonable”

Summary: Barcelona pay up, pay the right price, in this market 40 million is cheap for Cesc.  It’s quite an easy ultimatum and he continued to say that the door will be shut sooner rather than later.  We all know that if Cesc isn’t signed he will play for the club and do his best to win a trophy for the club so if Barcelona miss out…no biggie!

Also asked on their buying stance PHW said they were working on it but “it doesn’t happen overnight.”  Especially with Arsenal it doesn’t, but we are starting to see some more activity in the club and as I said about a month ago…once Arsene Wenger has had a more realistic look at his squad for this year he would enter further into the transfer market.  It does look like we are after Jagielka too saying that our bid was rejected and most think we’re offering more.  Personally not my first choice, but better than Squillaci!

Only a day until the Emirates cup and the return of Thierry Henry, looking forward to seeing Juan Mata there as well!


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  1. wamimbi robert

    good news gays

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