Poor Second Half Defending Leads To Disappointing Draw

While it’s only the Emirates Cup it was a bit of a disappointment and if that wasn’t an indication that Squillaci needs to be sold I don’t know what will.  Terrible giveaway that leads to the first goal and poor positioning by both center backs and a mistake by Djourou that leads to the second goal.  I continue to wonder what Wenger sees in him and question his substitutions!  It is the Emirates Cup where you can play some younger guys and see what they got, while you already know what you’ll get from Squillaci…CRAP.  Bartley and Afobe left on the bench wondering if maybe they could have had an impact on the game.  Vela began the second half with a great run and bit of skill to set up Ramsey for the second goal, but after that the only thing we saw from Vela was giving the ball away.

What frustrates me even more is Arsene Wenger letting Samir Nasri be Captain for the second half.  It seems he’s trying to bribe Nasri into signing a new contract when he clearly doesn’t deserve it.  Nasri was invisible basically the entire first half while Wilshere ran things, and the second half just didn’t look creative or…well he doesn’t impress me.

It’s clear to me now that Vermaelen and Kos will be our starting center backs but it’s very important we buy at least 1 and get rid of Squillaci because if we have an injury, we have a problem on our hands with our quality in depth not being very good.  We are always talking about Cahill, Jagielka, Samba but I really think we should look to players like Alex, and Vertonghen to come in.  Our problem isn’t having a bigger body in the box, our problem is our TEAM defending in set pieces.  Getting a big player like Samba isn’t going to just fix the problem in a box full of 16 players!  If anything it will add a problem because he won’t be able to cope with the run of play and high offside line of Arsenal.

Besides all the gloom and doom, Arsenal had a decent first half with some good teamwork between Gervinho and Van Persie.  The two lit up the first half along with Wilshere to take the score to 1-0 at half time.  Things were looking very up for Arsenal especially after 43 seconds in the second half with Ramsey’s goal.  Tomorrow should have a much different look to it with Vermaelen back, Our number 1 Goalkeeper back, Gibbs, Song and Rosicky coming into the side.  I am hoping Bartley will partner Vermaelen in the defense and make a stake for being our number 3!

All in all, this game has shown us that we do need to hit the transfer market next week.  Our depth attacking is weak so we need to get Mata quickly and have him integrated into the side.  Even another attacker would be nice with talk of Benzema being offered so Madrid can fun their offer for Tevez, and also Dzagoev being talked up by Arshavin would be a nice grab.  Our depth in defense is weak as well so we have a need to buy a good defender and get Squillaci out!

Two players that stood out for me today: Frimpong owned the midfield with his tough tackling and good passing.  He did well and it seems Arsenal don’t need to splash out for a defensive midfielder with Frimpong being a suitable replacement.  The other was Traore with a good display at left back.

Lastly I just need to take this time and say that Robbie Savage is the worst pundit EVER and he even made the claim that Arsenal wouldn’t make the top 4 with the comeback of Liverpool!  While most of you are thinking, with displays like today we won’t! Lets just remember that while we tied this game, Liverpool lost to Hull City 3-0 and Galatasary 3-0.  We had a few bad moments in defense but we need to be patient and wait for this week where we’ll be sure to see a few new faces walk through the door!



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