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What a Great Day To Be A Gooner!

It was a great day to be a Gooner after watching Gervinho put in two goals with relative ease it put things into perspective that we have a really good side.  All our players have gotten a little better besides for Chamakh and Squillaci and we’re looking to sign a defender.  As long as that defender is Jagielka then we’ll have improvement!

Funny thing is, The Daily Star says that if we want Jagielka we need to pay 17 mil and that we’ll make an improved offer for the England Center Back.  The Mirror on the other hand is saying that David Moyes won’t even answer the phone for us because he sees Jagielka as the future captain of Everton.  I can see why Moyes would want to keep him as he’s talented and does well for Everton, but I think we can do without him.  It’s sad to see the Samba and Cahill rumors stop because those are two talented center backs we could really use…Cahill more so for me.

The Daily Star once again is reporting that PSG is looking to get Chamakh and I’m already questioning the validity because it says we purchased him last season for 15 million pounds…we got him for free DS 😉  Also they don’t need a striker they’ve already signed Gameiro and Hourou or however you spell it, he’s quite the talent though.  If they really want Chamakh maybe we can strike a swap deal with Sakho involved eh?

The Express reports that Arsenal are demanding 25 million pounds plus Thiago for Cesc Fabregas which would be a good move in my opinion.  The 25 million can cover for Nasri leaving for free next summer while he sits on the bench all year this year and we have quite a talented replacement for Cesc.  It would work in Barcelona’s favor as well because Fabregas is in the plans of Pep more than Thiago.  Now whether this is valid or not who knows, but I think I would do it for the sake of Arsenal, the fans and Cesc Fabregas GET THIS SAGA OVER WITH. is reporting that our interest in Santi Cazorla is very real but the only way it will happen is if Juve fail in their attempts to get Giuseppe Rossi.  Cazorla is a fantastic player and has some good experience so he’d be a nice addition.  Not much to say on that I guess.

Ryo Miyaichi has spoken today and asked if he had any loan plans and he said there had been no talks with he and Arsene on the subject and his plans are stay with the club.  Arsene must be pretty confident of him getting a special talent visa.  I think if he does get the visa then he will start out the year on the bench but will end the year a starter.

Not much else in the papers today, tried to find as much as I could but hey, until my next post.


Gervinho Stars As Nasri Bores

I’m really excited from what I saw in the first half today and I feel like that is close to what our best team is despite the fact that our veterans were second half players.  Everything flowed much better in the first half and we looked much more dangerous in the first half.  I was thinking about the game last night and what Wenger had said before about our squad size and when you think about it, we have a very good team right now.  Some say we need a defensive midfielder but it’s looking like Frimpong is ready to step in to that role, and I think we still need a striker unless Afobe is ready to step up.

Gervinho started the game today and didn’t fail to impress with two BEAUTIFUL finishes off of a Wilshere, and Walcott pass.  Walcott yet again looked very dangerous on the right and Gervinho really showed up today, he did well attacking, well defending and in general was the most dangerous player out there.  Again Chamakh…not impressed.  Miyaichi came on for the last bit of the first half which was disappointing he didn’t get more time but really made good use of his time.

You could really tell that the boys had some heavy legs today as they’ve been working on fitness so I’ll cut Ramsey a little slack for the few passes that were to the wrong team.  Ramsey looks like he’s hungry for a starting spot and if I was the manager I would be giving it to him.  He and Wilshere have a great understanding.  One thing I notice is when Nasri and Fabregas are up there they stay up there and don’t come back much but Ramsey does and it’s helped a lot defensively especially with Wilshere’s ability to get forward as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I firmly believe that attacking midfield spot is Jack Wilshere’s with his mazy runs, great dribbling and vision he’s such a creator.

Now the defense still looked a little bit shaky at times but we also have to remember the heavy legs they have.  You could really tell some of them had to put a lot in just to get to their sprint.  The second half in my opinion was a bit of a bore.  Nasri didn’t look interested and I saw him dispossessed a few times and just not even try to get it back.  I understand if you lose the ball sometimes but not putting in effort is not okay.  If you can’t tell I’m not too happy about the way Nasri has handled this summer but bringing it on the pitch with you is not okay.

Rosicky, Arshavin, Van Persie, all had pretty good games and what  I liked most is that they showed the effort and showed they cared.  Arshavin has had a lot to work on with his form taking a big dip last year.  The second half with our substitutions brought the chemistry down though so we looked less dangerous and a little boring.  I was a bit disappointed that Afobe only got a couple of minutes as I wanted to see what he could do with the Arsenal team and I feel bad for Henderson although I’ve never rated him.

Squillaci put in his usual sketchy defending but gave us a good laugh when he got into a scuffle with Podolski.  Djourou did well to save a few goals but it looked as if he wasn’t at his best, but I give that to Squillaci making him look bad.  I have a feeling Wenger is looking for some balance in each team so our best team will have Djourou and Vermaelen playing together.

I know I’ve been a bit all over the place so I’ll get to my studs and duds for the day:

Studs – Ramsey/Wilshere, I put them together because they were quite the duo today and both were impressive.

Gervinho, 2 goals in 30 minutes…what more do you need?

Walcott, looked dangerous, gave Gervinho his second goal and is really growing into a good footballer

Carl Jenkinson, Scored a fantastic goal, I don’t care if it was for Cologne, that was hilarious!


Samir Nasri, Go Away!

Chamakh, still hasn’t looked himself, just needs to bring it up a notch

Vela, Looked flat lost the ball a few times


Anyways, I’m impressed for the most part but I guess I’ll formulate more opinions after the Emirates Cup and decide how I feel.  Hopefully by then a few wages open up with the sales of Bendtner, Almunia, and Eboue…(whisper) and Nasri.  We’ll hope Wenger can get us that new center back he’s been looking for!

Neither Side Budge on Fabregas Dispute

Looks like our Fabregas saga will continue to roll on another week as there have been differences in opinion on how much The B team are willing to pay for our Captain.  It’s really hard for anyone to understand where these Catalans are coming from with this as well.  They are paying 41 million for Sanchez, Palermo want 45 million for Pastore, Santos 40 million for Neymar, Tottenham want more than 35 million for Luka Modric…what do they all have in common?  Well none of them have won the world cup, none have won the Euros and none have that much experience.  These players have high price tags, but The B Team are only willing to pay 31 million pounds for a player that has put in 119 assists in 212 premier league games!

Honestly I’ve come to peace with him leaving because it’s what will make him happy.  Despite him wanting to leave on good terms and not put in a transfer request he needs to see that it is hurting the club more by him staying and being “injured”.  The only way for him to leave though is if his future team (may their name forever burn in hell) pays up what we value him.  It’s really their loss if they miss out on him because there is a good chance he will have a lost year in which he sulks because he’s in London still and our valuation of him still won’t drop.  We’ll even give him the year to work on those hammies.

For me the only way to get this deal to go through is if they offer us a good player along with the money they’ve already offered.  With the acquisition of Sanchez and some up and coming talented players like Thiago they should have a few players they can dispose of…like Villa for instance.  Personally, I like the idea of Ibrahim Afellay coming over in the deal.  RvP has always spoken highly of him and even urged Wenger to get him before Barcelona grabbed him for a whopping 3 million while he had 6 months to go on his contract.

Afellay is fast, he’s decent height and can handle getting pushed around a bit.  He’s a good finisher and has a wicked shot and would take a little pressure of us having to try and find a replacement for Cesc.  The two things I notice about him are his crosses and his shots, they are both extremely accurate and he’s played on many big stages so he has the experience.

Just my opinion on how to get this deal through because like Arsene said today, Nasri’s future isn’t sorted either and I really think he will end up a City player before the season starts.  It’s unfortunate but it’s just the feeling I have in my gut!

Think I’m nuts? Tell me about it @gunnertactics  Or Catch my game time rambling tomorrow morning when Arsenal take on Cologne!

Also, if you haven’t noticed I refuse to say the name of the team Cesc will be transferring to so if your confused by the B team, well then you’ll never know!

Arsenal Fans…There’s Good News and Bad News!

Okay Okay I’ll get to the bad news first…Bad news is we’ve made a bid for a short, injury prone, 28 year old center back.  Sky Sports have confirmed that Arsenal put in a bid for Phil Jagielka today of 10 million pounds and it rejected.  That last part there was the good news by the way.  I’m quite happy to say it was rejected and I’m praying that we don’t go back in for him with an improved offer.  We can do MUCH better than Jagielka…like Cahill or Samba.

Jagielka is a decent center back, but I don’t think he’s what Arsenal should be looking for at the moment and eventually Arsene is going to need to stop living with this double standard for transfers where we won’t pay enough money for a player but when we sell it needs to be top dollar and more than the player is worth.  Bolton want 17 million for Cahill and Arsene needs to suck it up and pay it, because if Arsene had Cahill in his team and wanted to sell he would be demanding the exact same thing…if not more!

Good news is that the board is just as sick of it as the fans are.  They’ve been waiting for new players too and they’re seeing a decline in ticket sales which hurts them in the long run so the board is starting to get involved.  We were hoping to see a signing this week with the season being a whole 3 weeks away but its not looking promising unless they announce one out of nowhere.

Some news in today on Santi Cazorla and Arsenal’s interst in him.  The 26 year old may be the subject of a bid from Arsenal and would jump at the chance to play for Arsene Wenger.  For me he’s a player like Mata…in that I would love to have him in an Aely rsenal shirt.  He would strengthen the team a good deal and has the experience to really help out cause this year.

Either way, we need to get moving in the transfer market and one player I don’t think we should be putting any money to is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.  I have no doubt that he’s a talented player and could grow into quite the play maker…but we have tons of them the same age sitting in our U-18’s why don’t we deal with that first.  We have players like Jon Toral, Galindo, Bellerin, Bunjaku, Ozyakup, Ebicillo all working hard to make the first team and all are very talented.  Lets give them a chance before spending 12 million dollars on Chamberlain.

Cologne is soon and I’m impatient…Arsenal do something!

Transfer Roundup and Cologne Preview

A bit of a boring day today with nothing really happening except more places confirming that Denilson has gone on loan and confirming it as well.  Not much going on for players coming in though as we’re still waiting for more news on Gary Cahill who could be on his way to Arsenal soon.  Also some a few “interesting” rumors coming out today that I’ll get to later.  Arsenal have a game against Cologne on Saturday and it will be a game for some of the young guns to get a run in against some better competition.

Now for some good stories for today’s wishful thinking section starting with Franck Ribery.  The report says that Arsenal are in advanced talks with Munich and will be paying 22 million for Ribery.  Not sure on the credibility of this source but I would love for it to happen.  Ribery has been plagued by injuries so he would fit in perfectly with much of the squad but he electrifies when hes out on the field.  I have no doubt that if he had a good injury free season this team would see a trophy.  Ribery is looking to be the best player in the world and Arsenal is place he could do that.

A newer story that has just come out recently is on Juan Mata who Arsenal have been looking at all summer long.  Before today their stance had been that Mata is not for sale.  Now the coach has said this from Espn:

The possibility exists that Mata will leave the club, We want him to stay and Mata has also expressed his desire to stay at Valencia, but at the same time we cannot stop a player who really wants to leave for money or for a bigger club. So, if there is a large financial offer from any club, that is good for both us and him, we will have to let him leave.

So some progress can be made on getting Mata and he looks like a player Wenger wants.

Cologne on Saturday!  Our first glimpse of Gervinho, a good look at a few of the youngsters who will make a stake for the first team as well.  We’ll have our watchful eyes on Frimpong, Bartley, Miyaichi, and Afobe as they look to make a good impression.  It will be interesting to see what Wenger’s starting line up will be and where he will place Gervinho.  I feel he will put him on the wing but his speed and quickness could see him line up at the top with Van Persie playing in behind him.

Bartley will need to have a big game and really show Wenger that he’s the answer to our set piece problem, as well as having a solid performance.  Bartley did well on his loan spell with Rangers playing center back most of the time but he did get a shot at defensive midfield and impressed.  Plus we all know how much Wenger LOVES playing his players out of position so I’m excited for a more competitive match!

Until tomorrow where I’m hoping we sign someone…Yes I’m a very wishful thinker!

I Smell a Crisis Coming On!

Not really, but that may be what the papers will be telling us after the next couple of weeks depending on how things go.  We’re looking at  a few players leaving including the possibility of Cesc going as it was revealed today that the two clubs are negotiating for the Catalan “hostage” but there is still quite a ways to go.  We continue to pray for an end to it but I’m afraid it will be quite a while.  Other players out the door soon are Bendtner, Almunia, possibly Eboue, and maybe a few surprises we don’t know about.

Now who will come in the door?

Well Football Talk says we’re back in for the defensive midfielder after losing out to Juventus a couple of years ago.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you go to Italy to ruin your career…anyways, Football Talk says he’ll cost us 15 mil, but I highly doubt it would take even that much to bring him.  He has a good amount of experience and Arsenal could be the place to get his career back up and running!  Will it happen though?  Melo had this to say…

“I’ve received an offer from Europe that will vastly improve my salary. We’re finalising the details.

“We’re finalising the details and over the next few days everything should be completed.

“I was not cut from the Juventus squad. Quite simply, in agreement with the directors, we decided it was inconvenient that I should only play in Serie A, considering my salary and the contract that runs to 2014.”

For me that’s a clear indication that he’s NOT coming to Arsenal, mostly because he says it will vastly improve his salary.  Arsenal isn’t the place to vastly improve your salary.  Now I’m not sure what he was on at Juve but we will find out in the coming days where he is going.  He’s also rumored to have interest from Chelsea who need a holding midfielder so it fits the bill honestly.

Fanatix who continue to look more and more like a or kind of site that just makes up crap for the fun of it have linked us with Javi Martinez.  It sucks that they are full of crap because they link us with players I want!!!  Javi Martinez another holding midfielder is very tempting and is tall, but I think he would have quite the price tag.  Wishful thinking I guess.

Interesting bit came about Samir Nasri our contract rebel, from football-corner.  Just a blogger as well but have revealed that Manchester City have signed Samir Nasri already and will reveal it on Thursday.  Man City is supposedly unveiling someone this week and this blogger thinks its Nasri.  After all the death threats and harsh comments he has said he knows someone who works for Manchester City who revealed it to him.  While there are no sources and really nothing to go on except for their words, it makes me a little nervous.  Even bloggers can receive that kind of info I guess but we’ll see.

I’m nervous but not kind of because if we do sell him, its a good piece of business and Nasri won’t even be an automatic starter with tons of players to compete with for a place it could be quite a bad career choice…besides the money.  Many won’t believe it, I don’t as well until I see it actually happen but it still makes nervous and excited.

If Cesc and Nasri go it will be very sad but exciting to see who gets brought in and some fresh talented experienced blood is just what this team needs!  Honestly the future of that attacking mid role behind the striker belongs to one person…Jack Wilshere.  He has excellent vision and uses his size and dribbling ability to really make some fantastic runs, and once he gets a better end product he will be the best player in England.

Continuing, The Daily Star says we’re going back oonnnneeee more time to Nasri with an improved offer of 115,000 a week to try and get him to sign on the dotted line.  Well its all speculation so maybe we’ll see him in an Arsenal shirt again, maybe we won’t and it could be why Wenger was so upset that Mancini came out about wanting Nasri earlier last week.  I’m one who would like to see Arsenal replace Nasri for someone like Mata instead of being held hostage but just my opinion!

According to the Mirror we have delegates from Barcelona coming in to try and resolve the Fabregas saga quite soon, apparently they didn’t get the ransom note that Gazidis sent them…he spent so much time on it too!!!  Anyways, there are many candidates for who could replace Cesc and I still think it’s Wilshere who should be playing that role, and I’m not even one of those crazy Wilshere lovers that think he was our best player last year, but I’m picky…My girlfriend is in love with him though.

Rangers may be upset to know that Kyle Bartley wants first team action…with Arsenal.  Bartley will be looking to play in our friendly with Cologne on Saturday and in my opinion should be ahead of Squillaci in the depth chart.  After preseason I think he will be, but he will still be fifth choice when we buy Cahill this week.  I think Bartley will go out on loan as he needs to play, and he can’t rot in the reserves the whole year.  If he waits long enough I’m sure with injuries he’ll find himself having a few games even.

For more rumors and info on players Arsenal are looking at check out O-Posts  Browse around on there too as there is a good article about how Arsenal should go back to a 4-4-2.

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Arsenal Break Off Negotiations With Campbell…Blessing In Disguise?

So everyone basically already knows that we’ve broken off negotiations for Joel Campbell, well besides everyone whose not an Arsenal fan.  They are being fed that Manchester United has once again beat Arsenal to it, when in reality Campbell just didn’t show up to a scheduled meeting with Law.  Campbell and his father did not show up, most likely because they are trying to get as much money as possible out of the deal.  Thanks to gunnerblog for bringing us the story every day.

Arsenal are still short of a striker though and it looks like this deal not happening has been a blessing in disguise for Benik Afobe.  Young Guns is reporting that Afobe has been withdrawn from the reserves and will be getting some game time against Cologne on Saturday.  Afobe enjoyed a very successful year on loan with Huddersfield last season and Arsene is going to reward him with a chance to prove that Campbell wasn’t worth 2 million.

Catalan Mayor Reveals Ransom Note Received From Arsenal Kidnapping













Joel Campbell Video Vs. Argentina!

Possible signing Joel Campbell has had a great Copa America and here are the highlights from his game against Argentina.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of him when playing Argentina and playing for a not so good Costa Rican side.  Not my best video ever made though as I experimented with a new program so forgive me!

Campbell Deal Looks Set and Fabregas Drama!

Big week ahead where we look to integrate Gervinho into the squad and kick a few players out.  We also have Saturday to look forward to when we play against Bundesliga side Cologne.  Cologne finished in 10th place last year and they should be a team we beat.  It should also be a chance for us to see Gervinho, Ryo, Frimpong, and some of our younger guys against some real competition.  Depending on if we bring in any new faces this week we may get a good look at them as well.

One player we won’t get a good look at on Saturday though, is Joel Campbell.  Not because the transfer won’t go through, but because he will be traveling with Costa Rica to the U-20 World Cup.  Campbell and his family are discussing what their next move will be after Saprissa had accepted Arsenal’s offer.  The chairman of Saprissa had this to say:

Barring a huge setback, he will play at Arsenal, This is a great deal for us and all local football.

Well it appears that this “huge” setback may have appeared in the form of another English club bidding on him.  He and his family are deciding what course of action they will take.  Upon new events though, it appears he will undergo his medical in Costa Rica before shipping out to the U-20 World Cup.  Source is and thanks to @Arsenalman2011 for the info!

It’s a reminder to us of what happened with Alvarez who by the way has played two games for Inter Milan now and scored three goals…that’s one we missed out on.

Now to the rumors!  There are tons of players being rumored to replace our Captain.  There’s Hamsik, Montolivo, Banega and plenty others but today hasn’t been too full of them.

According to the Sun, Barcelona have until the end of the month to strike a deal for Cesc or else he will stay with Arsenal.  A source from Barcelona has revealed this and that if they don’t pay the 40 million that Arsenal want, then Fabregas will be a gunner for the rest of the season.  Wenger is pretty positive that Cesc will stay and somehow Wenger has convinced himself that Fabregas wants to stay while we do know he would rather be in Barcelona.  He will still give his all for the club but I can’t see him being too please about this.

The Daily Star is reporting that Arsene Wenger expects Fabregas to be apart of the Cologne game and that he should be back in full training soon.  Right now he’s doing light training and running, and needs to transition to full training before he can get any playing time and in my opinion, take care of this hamstring problem that keeps occurring.  He needs to get in a full season so he can really win something with this Arsenal team.

The Daily Mail entitled their Fabregas article as “Let me go back home, pleads Fabregas in attempt to force through Barcelona switch”  and it says that now that Wenger has returned Cesc will meet and demand a move.  Not sure how they really know that…Cesc doesn’t really talk much about that to the press and they’ve been saying that Fabregas would meet with him for some time now.  I don’t trust anything the Daily Mail says in the first place.

Onto something new, Fanatix reports that Arsenal will turn their attention back to Germany and Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze.  He would be a great buy but it won’t happen as Dortmund have Champions League and aren’t willing to sell the talented play maker.

The Metro is reporting that Eboue is moving closer to the exit, and Arsenal are close to agreeing a fee with Galatasary.  I see this as a great opportunity for Arsenal to free up some wages, as well as give Jenkinson a better chance.  Eboue is very error prone and moving him on could be a good thing for Arsenal.  I do love the attitude he brings to the team but the money he brings in could be used for better things.

Thats all for today though, hopefully tomorrow I’ll actually have something to tell you that you give a crap about besides rumors.  We should have an answer from Joel Campbell and get to see the Arsenal players back at London Colney.

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