Jack Wilshere Speaks On Transfers!

A frustrating day it may have been but we’re past it and now we can look forward to a week of speculation and a preseason game against Benfica where we hope to see a 90 minute team instead of a 60 minute team!  I feel bad for Bartley to have to deal with the disappointment on his chance to impress but he’ll move on and continue to grow, hopefully with Arsenal.

Jack Wilshere spoke today about transfers and Arsenal’s need to buy, he said:

We are not a spending club but we still managed to stay up there with the top teams, And we have to win things this year.  Maybe if we had a few more faces we could really push on. If we get a few more players we can really challenge for the title.  Around March and April we have to stay really strong. We are confident we can be up and around it then so we have to remain strong at that crucial time.

Well said!  It’s not really up to you Jack but I agree that we need to see a few new faces around Arsenal in order to really be successful this year.  It’s hard to see us really winning any silverware with the depth we have.  We also have to deal with the African Cup of Nations as well coming up in January which we could be without Chamakh, Gervinho, and Song leaving us with Van Persie up front and that’s about it…we also have Vela.  So all in all we need to buy a new striker or give more time to Afobe who was very impressive today.

That wasn’t all Wilshere had to say and he gave his two cents on Juan Mata:

He is a top quality player, we’ve seen that in the Under-21’s and in the Spanish league last season. I think the way Arsenal play would suit his game

Again, Well said!  Mata would be a great addition and we’re all looking forward to seeing the completion of this transfer.  On a sad note though, the People are reporting that Fabregas will release a video to all the Arsenal fans once there is a completion to the transfer…IF there is a completion that is!


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