No Mata We Have Ryo Miyaichi

Yes, I’ve joined the group of people making stupid puns about Juan Mata and it’s not the best of news on the Spanish Winger as it appears that we missed out on getting him on the cheap.  I know that Wenger has plans for Ryo but I don’t think that’s any reason to give up on buying Mata. Mata is quite the talent and it’s a bit of a risk to count on getting the work permit while losing out on a player of his quality.

While it also looks certain that we’ll be losing Fabregas this week (according to reports) it is hard to take the fact that we may be missing out on Juan Mata.  Either way, Arsene knows what he’s doing and I’m excited to see who lines up for Arsenal against Newcastle.  There’s talk of Arsenal signing both Cahill and Jagielka but I’ll take that with a grain of salt and hope for the best!

Juan Mata’s father decided to talk about his son’s future today saying that Arsenal have already had a bid rejected and that he thinks they would be back with another bid.  While in the morning I was a bit depressed by the news that we were missing out on him but now I’m just optimistic to the possibility.

Ryo Miyaichi is still waiting on the news whether he will receive his work permit or not and it will help Arsene decide on whether he buys a player or not.  Ryo will have to compete for his spot in the team but I see him having no problem getting quite a few games in.  Also, if we do have to loan him out I hope we loan him to a team that is in Champions League so he can receive some valuable experience.

Other big news is Joey Barton being a free transfer.  Arsenal, Spuds and a few other teams are interested in signing him and while it would make me a bit nervous, I can’t deny his quality as a player.  He also has the mentality that could really push us through to the end of the game so we don’t lose games late.

Nik is getting looked over by Stoke and could make the switch but his earnings could kill the deal.  Many people can’t understand why he would be on that much but honestly when he received his pay rise, he was coming off of a 15 goal season and I’m sure Arsene was expecting him to continue progressing.  So I can see why he would get the pay rise and he’s definitely shown his quality, he’s just never been given a chance.  The same goes for Denilson as well being the U-20 Captain for Brazil, and making strides in the first team he was given a pay rise as well.

Lastly we have The Sun reporting that Manchester City are back in with a 22 million pound bid for Samir Nasri and in my opinion I’m hoping we accept it but if we do it’s imperative that Mata is signed.  Either way I trust Arsene’s judgement and I’m looking forward to seeing the Arsenal team that walks out against Newcastle.


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  1. Nice to read a positive blog from a ‘real’ Arsenal supporter, there is far too much doom and gloom around,the season has not yet started and i am sure we have in Arsene Wenger the best man to do the job for the club,too many believe what the media tell us,if they were even 10% right, we would have signed 11 players already this window.Such is the leval of speculation.

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