Transfers: Mata, Jagielka, and Zarate

It was a very boring Tuesday for Arsenal news which I’m not too concerned about and I’m trying not to stress myself out about transfers because the team we have right now is solid, and with the promise from the board that there will be new signings we should be alright.  Some people are worried by our three straight draws but its not big of a deal, it’s only preseason and we’re in it for fitness right now.  The boys will be fully fit and ready to go by Newcastle and will be looking to get out of the gates right away with three points.

Our worry right now is the teams mentality with the distraction of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.  Hopefully both sagas will be wrapped up VERY soon and we can get on with finding replacements.  With rumors that Manchester City will place a final bid for Samir Nasri of 22 million I’m really hoping we accept and let him move on because I and many other fans don’t see the commitment.  There is one player I’m surprised we haven’t been linked with yet this summer and that’s Yoann Gourcuff.  The French midfielder didn’t have the best season at Lyon and hasn’t lived up to their expectations so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were accepting offers.  I do think he would fit in nicely with Arsenal and may even be what Chamakh needs to get his career back in gear.

So there’s a few stories coming out today first from the Daily Mail that says we’ll be watching Birmingham City take on Derby this weekend so we can run the rule over Scott Dann.  If it turns out good then we’ll make a 10 million pound offer.  I feel like Arsene has a number in his mind that he won’t spend more than for a defender and it bothers me that he won’t do everything in his power to get Gary Cahill.  I also feel he’s only looking to get someone already in England when there are a few outside England that could really come in and make a difference.  I’ve watched Dann a bit and I think he would be a better option than Squillaci but would he be good enough?

Staying with Center Backs The Mirror reports that Phil Jagielka has told friends and teammates that he will snub Arsenal of any offer to stay with Everton.  I see that and think…ahhhhhh crap ( with as much sarcasm as possible) because I don’t really want him and he’s not a signing that would really have me doing flips and cartwheels.  The 28 year old injury prone England defender will stay with Everton for a little while longer.

There is news that we will be returning to the table for Spanish midfielder Juan Mata as we didn’t come up with the 18 million bid needed to hit his release clause.  There are some who say that the release clause is gone now and he’ll cost quite a bit more.  This is sad as he’s an exceptional player and even scored today in Valencia’s game vs. Hamburg.  Mata’s father has said we’ve been in contact with Valencia for quite some time now so a deal could still be done.  Seems we’re waiting on the future of Nasri and Fabregas.

The Express says Joey Barton wants to come to Arsenal as he believes he’s Champions League class and also wants a pay increase to 70k a week.  I think Joey may push for a move here but I don’t think he will get 70k from us.  What he will get though is Champions League and could be a valuable asset to this club.  On that note though I don’t know how well he’d get on with the guys with his reputation and from what I’ve seen, half the Arsenal fans would love to have him and the other half would absolutely hate him at Arsenal.

A new fellow that we haven’t been linked with since last summer is Argentine and Lazio striker Mauro Zarate.  Tribal Football claims that the agent of Zarate has been in London and has had talks with both Arsenal and Tottenham.  If he had a choice though who do you think he’d pick?  Well we have Champions League which means Spuds don’t stand a chance.  Zarate has been frozen out of friendly action at Lazio and it seems he’s not in the plans of his coach.  In my opinion, he would be very welcome at Arsenal and would be a player NOT leaving for the African Cup.  He’s a beast and has some experience in England already but he carries a pretty hefty price tag if you go by reports.  Arsene could probably get him for about 10 million.

Lastly Barcelona will make a final push in the region of 35-36 million for Cesc Fabregas and are doing all they can to reach that 40 million mark to get their man.  They are selling Jeffren and possibly Oriol Romeu to try and raise money for our Captain and while it will be sad to see him go if we accept, it will be nice to have this saga all done with!



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