Transfers: Fabregas Uncertainty and Who Will Replace Him?

There’s been sooo much uncertainty today about Fabregas based on the Members Day coming up soon.  Some places report that Arsenal will take two pictures one with and one without Fabregas.  Some sources say Arsenal will demand he be there and some say that he isn’t forced to be there.  A couple of sources have even said he will refuse to attend to try and force through a transfer.  It’s just been nuts today and who knows what to believe.  Some sources are saying Arsenal are getting tough with him and Barcelona and will use him so he’s cup tied pretty soon, and are waiting for the right amount while others are saying that Wenger has resigned to losing him.

Honestly, I don’t care it just needs to be taken care of because it’s a distraction to the team and especially to the fans.  We need to move on and find ourselves the right man to replace him.  Unfortunately it’s not looking good for Arsenal buying Juan Mata.  Mata senior said that we’ve been talking to Valencia and will probably be back with a new offer but at the moment it’s not looking good for Arsenal getting him.  His coach said this after their loss to Hamburg:

“Mata has gone through a process of doubts about his future, But now we all believe he will stay at Valencia.”

So what are our alternatives to Juan Mata?  Well CalcioNew24 reports that we are fighting Tottenham for Alan Dzagoev.  It seems that every single transfer we go for, so is Tottenham!  Find your own players Spuds!  Dzagoev is a great talent and Arshavin has backed him to really be a great player but would he fit in with Arsenal?  I think he would in a couple of years but he’s not ready to fill the boots of Cesc or Nasri yet.

Next is one that has shown up a few times in Turkish news but nothing really has formulated in the English media and I really hope that we can maybe look at this one a bit more seriously.  Galatasaray have a play maker by the name of Arda Turan.  Phenominal player although he didn’t have his best year last year.  The year before though he scored 11 goals and had 25 assists, and put him into a team like Arsenal he would really be a superstar.  Galatasaray are after Emmanuel Eboue and Andriy Arshavin and Eboue is close to completing his switch but I figure he should be a part of the deal to bring Turan to Arsenal.  He still wouldn’t come cheap but he would be a better signing than Aguero in my opinion.  Source is here or here  Turkish is pretty tough though especially with translations!

For those who don’t know what Arda Turan is about here’s a video of the fabulous midfielder!

Good news also with Costa Rica beating Austrailia 3-2 and Joel Campbell with 2 goals!  Word is that we’ve continued talks with him while it was reported back that he’s told Coaches already that he’ll be joining Arsenal after the U-20 World Cup.  His first goal on the night was a bit uncoordinated as he was falling over half the time and managed to put it in the back of the net but his second goal was a superb volley!

So tomorrow may be a decisive day for what we know about Fabregas’ departure to Barcelona and yet it may tell us absolutely nothing and we may not see any new signings at all this week…Nigel Winterburn said our squad looks small…I agree and I know Peter Hill Wood says we need to be ‘bloody patient’ but the longer you take the more it will make fans nervous and the more transfers we’ll lose out on because other teams need to be ready for the season as well.  If we’re bugging them like Barcelona is bugging us then we are disturbing their preparations!


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