Fabregas Madness and Benfica Preview

The day before our final preseason game of the season and all that has happened since the Emirates Cup is a few injuries.  No new signings and we still have Cesc and Nasri.  There have been twists and turns in the Fabregas saga which have been caused by the media and sadly many fans have taken it out on Fabregas.

Much of the media was predicting that we’d see Fabregas back in an Arsenal uniform this weekend and were reporting that he’d see action against Benfica, and we would eventually cup tie him.  So when it was announced today that Fabregas had not even traveled with the team, Twitter went mad!  I watched for a good half an hour as all I saw was tweets that said, “Fabregas didn’t travel, must be certain he’ll depart now”  or “Fabregas not on the plane, just leave and get this saga over with” and so on and while I have no idea what may be going on in the back room or off the field Cesc is still an Arsenal player and will continue to be one until Barcelona will stump up the cash!

It may be hard for Barcelona to land our skipper this year having already splashed money on Alexis Sanchez.  They still think they can get Arsenal to lower their price which will not happen.  Peter Hill Wood has come out saying that they have rejected the 30 million fee with 5 million in add on’s because it was too far away from their valuation.  The extra add on’s are for outrageous achievements PHW said, and would more than likely not be met so they would not have to pay.  They also want Cesc to take a pay cut as well as have him help pay for part of his transfer fee.  If Cesc really wants this to happen he should give up his 4 million compensation he’ll receive if he doesn’t put in a transfer request.

So onto other more important things…like the Samir Nasri saga!  Which I have great news on it as the Mirror is reporting that Wenger and Nasri have had a row after coming back from Asia and the relationship is at an all time low!  It actually seems quite plausible with Nasri playing only 1 half during the entire Emirates Cup and sat on the bench for game 2.  L’Equipe is reporting that Nasri has an agreement “in principle” with Manchester City and that Arsenal are close to giving the green light on Nasri leaving for City.  I say this is all good news because I would prefer to let him go and bring in someone like Juan Mata or Arda Turan.

Now onto Benfica tomorrow we have a relatively small team that has traveled down but a few notable players in:
Henry Lansbury
Ignasi Miquel

Ryo is still looking to gain a work permit and we won’t hear if he succeeded until the middle of August but we will see him play tomorrow and I’m excited about it!  I’m also very excited to see Gervinho showing off his stuff and would love to see him grab another goal.  We may see a team come out that will be similar to how we line up against Udinese with RvP and Nasri suspended and Fabregas doubtful for the beginning of the season.

Lansbury will be given a chance tomorrow after being promoted to the first team and Wenger has said he has to give Lansbury a chance.  Lansbury was with Norwich City last year on loan although made an appearance in the Carling Cup scoring against Tottenham.  Lastly, Miquel who just recently returned from the U-19 World Cup and will be on a high of confidence.  Wenger will be looking to see if Miquel is ready to step in for the first team here and there.

We should see a team that is at full fitness as well but no Wilshere, Walcott, Koscielny, Nasri, or Fabregas and it should be a good game against the Portuguese Giants.  Everyone’s judging eyes will be on the defense though as it always is and nobody is convinced yet.  Good news is Wenger said in his interview that he hopes to unveil a new signing next week!


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