Lazy Arsenal Pay The Price Against Benfica

Not going to be the most positive post as I had the entire evening of work to digest this defeat and I’m still frustrated!  We played well for 45 minutes?  I didn’t even think our first half was that good besides the goal!  Not to mention that our first team played their second team in the first half while our second team played their first team in the second half.  If our first team played their first team in the first half, I have a feeling we still would have been beat.  Pablo Aimar is fantastic, Arsene should be talking to him and saying hey come play for me, I don’t care that your 30+.

Our two goals that we conceived were pretty poor on our part and it was all down to our team defense more than any individual.  Gibbs was careless and after having a great first half really screwed the pooch with some sloppy play.  Followed by Vermaelen being out of position, but honestly our midfield was nowhere to be found besides Frimpong.  He was a bright point to me as he has a way to get under midfielders skins and really cause havoc in that midfield.

Now I’m not sure of the fitness levels or the tiredness levels of the players but there was some pure laziness out on the field today.  I won’t name names because I want some positive things going through my post so here’s the players I thought impressed me today.

Gervinho – Had a good first half as he combines with Van Persie very well, didn’t make an impact on the second half at all really.

Ryo Miyaichi – Was basically begging to get touches on the left side and was ignored quite a bit, had to work very hard to get his touches in and made some good tackles and really showed he can handle being pushed around and may be able to handle the EPL.

Frimpong – Owns that midfield and was in the middle of basically everything.  I could see him really pushed Alex Song for that spot and already works well with Wilshere.

Lukas Fabianski – He saved us from quite some embarrassment today with some amazing saves!

Who was poor?

Squillaci – Need I explain?

Aaron Ramsey – Really didn’t play well for being on the field all 90 minutes but he had really no impact on the game.

In conclusion, if this didn’t tell us that we need a few signings RIGHT NOW then I don’t know what will.  Next we need to focus on our team defense and our work ethic.  Players that think they can just walk in and not work hard and give everything for this club…are wrong.

Now onto other things…Fabregas well he’s probably leaving and if he does stay it will be because Barcelona don’t come up with the price we’ve quoted.  Alright done with that, and I think we will lose him or we will lose Nasri but not both.  I believe that Barcelona are at fault for much of this saga but Arsenal have to take some of the blame as well.  Why haven’t we said hey, give us the money by this date or you will not get him because your disrupting the mentality of this team!  Disrupting enough to help us lose a game to Benfica!  No excuses though…

If I were Wenger I’d have a new player ready to walk in the door TOMORROW!


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