Transfer News: AOC, Biglia, PM

Well we’re just about to start the week that we get our ‘super quality’ so that we can be ready for the season ahead.  A few new stories this morning starting with the one we hate the most as Xavi and Victor Valdes have both come out saying they expect Cesc soon!  Both players are friends of Fabregas so there’s a good chance they’ve been talking as well and while Fabregas won’t say a word every Barcelona player has done the talking for him and well gotten away with every bit of it!

No worries though because if Fabregas leaves we have a midfielder lined up right?  Hmmm…well Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has been rumored to be on his way to Arsenal this week.  Arsenal would pay 7 million pounds as the initial fee and an extra 5 million in add on’s for things he does for the club!  The plan (according to the report) is to integrate him in ASAP and start him with the Carling Cup.  The other player that has been rumored to soften the blow of Cesc Fabregas is Argentine International Lucas Biglia from Anderlecht.  The talented midfielder is more of a defensive midfielder and would cost between 6-10 million.

I would like to see Biglia in an Arsenal jersey soon but AOC I don’t think we need.  We have so many youthful players coming up and do we really need another player whose never played in the EPL and is still very young.  Biglia could fill in as a backup for Song and Wilshere and is a hard tackling player.  He’s recently become an international with Argentina and is looking to better himself by moving to a bigger team.  With the squad depth right now he’s a player Arsenal should jump at.

Lastly is Per Mertesacker and I’ve always been a fan of his and earlier this summer was posting a lot on him and praying he would come here.  Well Werder Bremen have now said they will consider offers for him and won’t stand in his way of leaving!  So will you make a move Arsene.  Recently Arsene said that it’s difficult to get the transfers done because you have to see if they will sell then agree a fee well we already know both Anderlecht and Bremen will sell, now give them the money and bring in the players we need!

I know there is more to the transfer than that but it’s been quite frustrating that both of our signings took forever!!!  David Dein though has been talking on the radio and has said Wenger is looking to bring in 2-3 more players at least!  So good news there, but hopefully will happen soon!

Before I forget, twitter talk is that we’ll be having discussions with Gary Cahill, no idea if its true just want to get you excited only to probably be let down! Just kidding, we’ll see what happens!


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  1. Where is Benzema Mr Wenger?He is the super transfer

  2. Wenger is evil, destroying our happiness, you will not see happiness too.

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