The Search For a Center Back Continues!

Monday morning! Our first game is on Saturday!  We still haven’t signed a Center back and we’ve only made 2 signings.  With Arsene Wenger stating that we might see some action for Arsenal in the transfer market this week, we are certain to have our fair share of rumors!  There are three we have been linked with all summer: Phil Jagielka, Chris Samba, and Gary Cahill.  I think Samba is off the table as is Jagielka because both clubs want to keep their player.

There has been talk that Arsenal is stepping up their interest for Gary Cahill amid Vermaelen’s back injury.  Wenger didn’t believe that his injury was too concerning and was more concerned about RvP and Gibbs.  Gary Cahill carries a price tag of 17 million pounds even though he only has 1 year left on his contract.  Arsene doesn’t want to pay that much money so my guess is he’ll negotiate the crap out of that deal and we’ll see it completed…August 28th!

The other news is Werder Bremen telling clubs they would be willing to sell Per Mertesacker.  Bremen has a money issue as well as Mertesacker being in the last year of his contract.  Mertesacker would NOT carry a heavy price tag and would bring in to the club some height, as well as some discipline.  Most people who I’ve heard that don’t like Per thinks he wouldn’t make it in the EPL because of the pace of the game…have they watched the Bundesliga?  It’s by no means slow or much lesser than the EPL it is a top league.  He brings with him loads of experience and the Germans are all about organization and discipline so he could be a valuable addition.  Yes I’m aware he had a bad year last year…but he also played for a bad team last year, put him in the Arsenal squad and he may do wonders…

So what do I think we should do?  Buy them both!  Cahill and Mertesacker would both be valuable additions and then we would never have to see Squillaci on the field ever again!  I know Wenger wants a defender who already has Premier League experience but we have Bremen basically handing them to us for a small fee and it would be unwise of Arsene to really pass up on it.

I’m nervous about this week because I don’t see any deals being concluded soon so it could be a really tough game to watch on Saturday…especially if Marouane Chamakh leads the line!  I’m sad to admit it, but….I WOULD RATHER HAVE NIK BACK!  Nik would lead the line with confidence at least!  Maybe he won’t find a club and will decide to play for us because from what I’ve heard from open day is he looks like he’s playing really well.

If Nik does go soon then it’s quite imperative that we sign a new striker other than Joel Campbell.


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