Busy Day For Arsenal And It’s Only The Beginning!

Saturday was a tough day for Gooners and for the team as we lost and saw Arsenal not play well, and Arsenal have finally responded.  Maybe not in the way that most fans would have hoped but we signed a player who is very good.  While many of you think he’s only just played in League 1 I do think he will adjust just fine to the Premier League and fit in well.  For those of you thinking we just wasted money from our budget when we have other needs, well this put a very small dent in the budget and I doubt it will be the last of the week.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain signed today for Arsenal and was very pleased to make the move.  He’s getting a lot of comparisons to Theo Walcott but he’s a different type of player despite playing the same position.  Chamberlain can also play in an attacking midfield role and is a very direct player and has great vision, dribbling skills, and passing as well.  He will come right into the first team but I don’t see him getting much action for the first month.

I have three thoughts on this transfer as well.  1. While Gervinho took forever to conclude, this one took literally no time at all.  We heard stories that it would happen a day or two ago, this morning that he was having a medical and now that he’s signed.  Lets hope a few more happen like this. 2.  It’s nice to have players who actually want to play for our club and the three players we’ve signed really wanted to play for Arsenal. 3. So much for improving the size of our team!

We should be seeing a defender coming through the door soon, I’ve heard Cahill and Jagielka possibly but not sure which one and I’m praying its Cahill.  Per Mertesacker has continued giving subtle hints to Arsene Wenger to come and get him and I hope AW picks up on them.  AW wants to sign a defender already with EPL experience but it wouldn’t hurt to get two defenders 1 with and 1 without!  Both players of great quality so I would be very happy.

Nik’s been talking about how he’s for sure leaving but he won’t tell us where he will be going.  He said this:

“Hopefully it will be sorted soon but as I said to the Danish press, when I know something they will.  I would like to play at a place where you are happy and play every week, that is the most important thing for any football player and hopefully that will happen soon.”

Ashburton Grove wrote on Nasri leaving Arsenal for Manchester City and has agreed terms with the club.  He is a credible blogger and does an extremely good job writing for his site so I don’t take the things he says lightly.  This transfer may happen and it does seem like Manchester City would do on impulse after losing to Man U on Sunday.  This, for me, is good news as I’ve wanted Nasri out for a little while because he’s another player that doesn’t want to play for Arsenal and therefore shouldn’t.  It is thought that Chamberlain is his replacement which could be, and maybe its not!  With a 22 million fee we could use that to buy a good replacement.  The formal bid for the player will come shortly.

Lastly the Transfer Tavern are reporting that Arsenal are interested in FC Twente striker Bryan Ruiz.  I saw that and I got excited but I’m not really sure there’s much to it in validity.  Spuds are interested in the striker so they’re assuming Arsenal are too which they don’t realize that’s not how it works.  We become interested in the player then Spuds try to get him until the player says I’d rather go to Arsenal.  The player will have a 14 million pound price tag so not huge, but not small and Arsene would try to bring that down a bit, but he’s a fantastic player.  He’s a left boot and has really excelled for Twente.  Arsenal are in need of a striker despite Joel Campbell’s transfer imminent.  With the loss of players to the ANC this January Arsenal will need a striker to cover especially with RvP track record.

Anyways, that’s all for today, I’m looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s headlines and hopefully writing to you about another signing!  People of London are in my thoughts and prayers, stay safe!


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