Miyaichi a Gunner, Cahill Next?

So some good news today but not in the exact type we were hoping.  Firstly as I jump right into the news of the day starting with Ryo Miyaichi being granted a work permit.  A few days ago many thought that the bid had been rejected and we were in talks with Feyenoord for him to return.  That’s big news especially for some of our want away players and it will really give us some quality in our depth this year!

Ryo was granted the work permit based on his exceptional talent!  Arsene Wenger had this to say on it:

“We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit,  This is almost like a new signing for us, as we weren’t completely sure we would be given the authorization. Ryo has worked extremely hard in preseason and performed very well during the matches in Asia, Germany and Portugal.”

We all knew the “like a new signing” comment was coming but lets be honest, this is like a new signing and we’ve been excited about seeing Ryo in an Arsenal shirt for an Arsenal game for quite some time and we all have to be quite excited after seeing him in preseason!

The player Ryo is in a way replacing is looking to be on his way to Manchester City by the end of the week as City would like to conclude the deal before the first game of the season.  The stumbling block seems to be the way that City will be paying us.  Arsenal want all of the money up front while City wanna pay a little bit now and a little bit later!  Smart move by Arsenal in my opinion, lets get the money to pay for our replacement.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Mata will be coming as Valencia really would like to keep him and we haven’t been too interested in many other attacking midfielders lately besides buying Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but surely he isn’t Nasri’s replacement is he?  Wenger could be using the signing of AOC and the permit of Ryo as replacements while we still have Arshavin, Gervinho, and Walcott for wingers so we’re doing pretty well in that department.

France Coach Laurent Blanc has talked about the Nasri situation saying:

“I just know that he is in talks with his club. Not to extend his contract because he said he would not, but to change clubs.”

Lastly is what Marouane Chamakh said on the radio today regarding Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.  Chamakh thinks both will leave once Wenger finds the right replacements but has not found them yet…it comes as pretty surprising comments from the Morrocan and I’m pretty sure most of us knew it already.  Many have come to peace with the fact that we will lose both players but we also know we need good replacements.

Anyways, lets go three days running with some good news!


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