Arsenal-Newcastle: A Game Not To Be Worried About!

Seems a bit like Deja Vu doesn’t it?  Last year we tied with Liverpool 1-1 and on our new players debut they hit the shower early.  Unfortunately this one has a bit of a sour taste to it with Joey Barton ruing the game for everyone with his theatrics.  Now I have a few thoughts on it and I’ll move on but honestly he had no right to get involved in it.  We all know it was a bit of a dive but let the ref deal with that and there’s no way he should have stayed on the field.  Honestly I’m happy someone smacked him upside the face, but he talks as if Gervinho is a cheat for falling down to easy and while he gets touched in the face he falls down like nothing!

Anyways, that doesn’t excuse us from that lackluster performance.  There was little to no creativity in the midfield and our most dangerous drives usually came from when Andrey Arshavin moved inside.  Rosicky had a decent game but he should not be our focal point and creativity in the midfield.  Arshavin should be given that chance but it doesn’t look likely until Wenger integrates Miyaichi and Chamberlain into the team.

Van Persie and Walcott really had trouble getting into the game and you could really tell Walcott was not 100%.  Our biggest plus from the day was our defense though.  I don’t think I’ve ever see Koscielny be that viscous back there and really mopped things up.  Wenger commented after the game that if we would have conceded we would have asked why he hasn’t bought a new Center Back.  Well, I still believe a new center back needs to be bought because it’s about our back ups than our starters as I have a lot of confidence in Kos and Vermaelen.  Cahill had a great game today and lets hope we wrap that signing up this week.

With a performance like this today it is worrying coming up against Udinese with out someone more creative in the midfield.  Fortunately we will have Gervinho for this game, although we won’t have Van Persie and we’re assuming we’ll be without Samir Nasri.  If he does play somehow I can’t imagine Manchester City will still want to pay over 20 million for him either.  Both Nasri and Fabregas could be off by tomorrow with a few names in the papers who could be on their way to Arsenal soon enough.  Wenger has said not to worry and he’s not afraid to spend big…lets pray!


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