Cesc Out, Now On To Bigger Things…

Before you read this, remember that I love Arsenal, I support Arsene Wenger as our manager and I love the club, but I will be questioning a few things and I’m frustrated…

Well there ya have it folks!  Fabregas has returned to his former club Barcelona and I have a few things to say about our former Captain. Firstly it’s been nice watching him, and he’s a fantastic footballer but its hard to get over the fact that he really doesn’t care that much because he’s royally screwed over the team that taught him everything….

Speaking of screwing Arsenal over…Nasri has spoken of his unhappiness with fan chants from Saturday saying it’s “disrespectful” but in all fairness Samir, what your doing is disrespectful as well so what do you expect?  Do you expect the fans to love you after you’ve tried all summer to get out?  Do you expect everyone to sing your name when all we’ve heard from insiders is your crap attitude, and 185,000 a week being waved at you?  Sorry Samir, you’ve really walked yourself into it so you have really three choices: 1. Sign a new contract, play your heart out and win the fans back. 2. Leave. 3. Sit on the bench the entire year and the second you set foot on the pitch get booed and fans will sing of how your a cunt!

Arsene Wenger really bothers me on this subject as well because Wenger wants commitment but he’s going to try and keep Nasri who will leave him next year for free…I’m confused…you keep saying you want commitment, but your not getting it so go out and find a replacement.  You say the transfer market it’s hard to find someone to replace him but honestly I see players going to other places that we should have been involved in and could have had ourselves a very good player.  Example…Arda Turan, went to Atletico Madrid for 12-15 million!  Are you kidding me?!  We could easily just put Eboue in the bid and gotten him for 7-8 million pounds…

Bremen is basically begging Arsenal to come get Per Mertesacker, who has had a great start to the Bundesliga so far and looks to be back in form…I don’t understand it at all.  AW likes to tell us of the players he’s bought so far and how they are quality…but they’re all under 20 years old..we already have plenty of those!  Without the Nasri money we have about 50 million to play with right now, honestly, if your not afraid to spend the money, then prove it because all your doing is making a fool of yourself right now.

Honestly I’m hoping I’ll be proved wrong but its very frustrating right now that we’re back at square one.  AW talked about how the fans are being manipulated by the media…honestly, we’re no manipulated by the media to see that our team isn’t good enough right now.  The weird part is, the strongest part of our game Saturday was our defense!  Vermaelen is his usual ridiculously awesome self and Koscielney looks like he’s even put on some muscle during the off season and improved.

The part I’m worried about is our attack with our injuries, we have some good players but Ryo is still getting his permit, Arshavin has his days and should be played in the middle.  Rosicky is hit or miss, and Ramsey plays best with Wilshere.  Walcott and Van Persie and just coming back from injury and Gervinho is now going to be suspended!  AW has to be kicking himself for dragging his feet on the Juan Mata deal because he would have been a great player to come in and take over.

AW says that the Mata deal is dead, and that there isn’t any negotiations with Shakhtar for Jadson, while Shakhtar have confirmed that negotiations have taken place for Jadson…So we’ve been in for 3 different Shakhtar players this year in Willian, Costa, and Jadson and all three are skilled players but why aren’t we after players that have played well in bigger leagues?  Like Yoann Gourcuff, or Eden Hazard.  Yes Lille don’t want to sell Hazard…we didn’t want to sell Fabregas, every team has their price!

Anyways, I’m done complaining for a little while and onto Arsenal vs. Udinese with what I’m hoping for with our lineup!  No RvP, Nasri, AW, Jack Wilshere so what I think we’ll see is this:

Sagna Kos Verm Gibbs
Ramsey  Frimpong
Gervinho Chamakh Arshavin

This is what I’m hoping to see!

Sagna Kos Vermaelen Gibbs
Ramsey  Arshavin
Gervinho Walcott Chamberlain/Ryo

I think we’ll see both Frimpong and Song in the midfield and take a more defensive approach to things with it being important that we don’t concede!  I would love to see what Chamberlain can bring to the team though as well, and I’m not sure if Ryo is back and ready to play yet but would like to give him a chance against the Italians.  Gervinho being suspended in the EPL will get another run out and Walcott will hopefully come out much better than he did at Newcastle.

The Arsenal reserves won today against Manchester United 2-1 but not without casualties with Benik Afobe and Armand Traore both injured and we could be without a functional left back soon enough if we’re not careful!

Tomorrow will be nerve racking but they are Italians and a  terrible league so I expect nothing less than a win!


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