Arsenal vs. Udinese – Well It’s a Start!

The score ended 1-0 in favor of Arsenal as Theo Walcott put a beautiful cross away from Aaron Ramsey.  Both the cross and finish were top class and it was looking to be a good game for Arsenal.  After that, we couldn’t put anything else in and it ended up being a nerve racking game and next week may be even more nerve racking!  You can tell we were trying our hardest but there are just a few pieces missing that need to be filled quite quickly if we’re going to take the points against Liverpool!

1. Our top Center backs are top quality!  Unfortunately our back up Center backs are not.  Djourou has his day where he’s fantastic but Squillaci is hard to watch and everyone is always nervous when he’s on the field.  If Arsenal were to add two center backs I don’t think he’d stick around.  I have three in mind, you can choose two Arsene:  Gary Cahill, Per Mertesacker, Jan Vertonghen.

2. Either Bendtner stays or we buy a new striker!  It’s hard to watch Chamakh and if we hadn’t made three subs due to injuries we would have seen Bendtner out there in the 60th if not sooner.  Chamakh seems to have developed a new way of playing that he didn’t do last year.  It’s called the play with back to goal and not make any runs approach.  While the ball is in the air he did a good job of battling and winning a few headers in the air but when the ball is on the ground with your two attacking midfielders he needs to make runs and get behind the defense.  We’ve seen him do plenty of it and he was exceptional in the beginning of last season…I just don’t know where that Marouane Chamakh went.

Joel Campbell attended the game today and he could be the guy to come in behind Chamakh and hopefully move his way up the pecking order!  Campbell brings pace, a good touch, and a fantastic shot, he has some talent that is still raw but Arsene should really be able to bring out the best in him.  If he can do these things for a team like Costa Rica, just think of what he can do with a team like Arsenal.

3.  Must buy a left back!  I want to give Gibbs a chance, but we can’t deal with this every other week!  He is far too injury prone and Traore was just hurt as well!  I don’t believe Aly Cissoko has that high of a price on him and would fill in perfectly.  If anything sell Traore and keep Gibbs as a good back up because he really can’t stay healthy.  He’s a doubt for Saturday as may be Traore, I’m not really sure about him.  Jenkinson didn’t look terrible but a bit shaky over on the left.

4. Lastly, and most importantly:  We need an attacking midfielder quite badly.  Rosicky doesn’t have the creativity left in him to run the midfield and while he works hard and does the little things well, we can’t rely on him to create any goals.  Ramsey also works hard and may find it a bit easier when Wilshere is back.  Wilshere is destined for the attacking midfield spot but until he’s ready for it, we need to buy at least 1.  Jadson has been rumored, Hazard has been recently rumored, and many others.  Reports are claiming Hazard would cost 26 million pounds.  We have a lot of money right now and Hazard would be the guy to bring in honestly.

Many fans have been debating whether he can play in the middle or if he’s a winger and yes he’s been played often with Lille as a winger but he’s a fantastic attacking midfielder and putting him in right behind the striker would do nothing but good things for Arsenal.

On a different note Samir Nasri has made comments lately about how he’s been hurt by the fans for disrespecting him and I understand he’s hurt by them.  He needs to look at things from our point of view though, he’s hurt the fans as well and they haven’t taken to well to it.  I haven’t been the nicest person to him but it’s very frustrating to see a player with his talent act that way.

Today comments came out from his Facebook saying he would be leaving with bitter and anger in his heart.  The Daily Mirror and a few other big sites ran it and claimed that this was a “legit” Facebook page and it was Nasri’s.  Well after they said it was legit and started running the story and put it into their actual newspaper Nasri came on Twitter to say this little gem!

Just to make things clear i dont have a facebook so i never said i was leaving with bitterness the guy who said that use a fake account

I think Nasri has a sense of humor and decided that since the media is what is causing all this Arsenal fan hate then he’ll get back at them and he did quite well.  They should be quite embarrassed!  I also wanna remind everyone about something he said at the beginning of the summer.

I just want tell you dont listen the newspaper and the rumours i will let you know if something happen

Now we know he can’t directly talk about all of that but if something would have happened he would have told us and all of the hate (from me included) didn’t really help things.  So lets wait to bash the crap out of him until he actually announces something!  Once he leaves for City I’ll be happy to say I’m not fond of you Samir!


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