Zarate, Jagielka, but Everything Else Goes Quiet!

You would think with the situation Arsenal is in, they would be linking us with players left and right but today only two names really came up:  Mauro Zarate(Lazio) and Phil Jagielka(Everton).  On the other side of things, reports are that Nasri is in Manchester Today for his medical and the two teams are still negotiating how the money will be given to Arsenal.  Also on the way out, Armand Traore has been linked with a loan move away…wait, what?  He’s leaving, Gibbs gets injured too often there must be a plan.

I sure hope that plan is to take about 10 million pounds and offer it to Lyon for Aly Cissoko honestly.  Anyways, I’ve heard that Gibbs will be recovered for the game on Saturday and if not we still have Jenkinson who can do a decent job over there.  Traore was injured on Monday in the Arsenal reserve game and didn’t make it more than 10 minutes.  Gibbs only lasted 45 minutes on Tuesday, Vermaelen and Jenkinson took over as Arsenal won 1-0.

News came out today that Mauro Zarate’s agent was in talks with Arsenal and that a deal would probably be struck which is GREAT news for Arsenal.  Whether it’s real or not is to be seen because Tottenham have also been in contact with the agent and have said they are about to unveil a fantastic signing in the next day or two.  Many Arsenal fans are thinking that Zarate could be the signing, but with Modric looking to leave I feel it could be a more direct replacement for him.

Pictures were released today as well of Phil Jagielka in an airport having a meeting and talking loudly about Arsenal.  Many fans read into it and there we have a rumor!  Make of it what you will but Everton have been told by the bank they NEED to sell him because they are lacking some money so it could well happen.  Of all the defenders we’ve been linked with this summer, he’s my least favorite.  He’s 28, short, he’s a decent center back though but not really better than what we already have which is what I find weird.

There have been a few things AW has said recently that just drive me up a wall.  Firstly when he says we need to bring in better quality than what we have.  There’s A LOT of good quality out there just looking for a way to Arsenal.  Then he says, it’s hard to find the player we need because the club has to agree to let him go.  Marseille and Werder Bremen are practically begging to take Valbuena and Mertesacker off their hands because they need money and they are willing to let the player go.

Lastly, when he says…people forget that we signed Jenkinson, AOC, Campbell, Ryo and they are quality.  Yes you brought in 4 players all below the age of 20 and all have 0 EPL experience.  None of forgot that!!! We just didn’t add it in because you brought 0 experience into the side while losing players that did!  We need experience!

I do believe that we will add more but I think AW is waiting until after our Champions League playoff to make a few of his moves so he knows if he has that extra boost of money to work with.  Many are worried about the Champions League game next Wednesday because we only have a 1-0 lead and we’re playing away.  Not sure why we’re worried though: 1 RvP is back 2. We might have new signings in 3. Ryo will be available 4. They’re just Italians they barely fill their stadiums 5. We have a 1-0 lead! 6. No away goals scored on us 7 We play better away than at the Emirates.

Plenty of reasons to be positive about it!  One thing I’m kind of sad about is the talk of Jadson coming in has gone quiet.  I was quite looking forward to him coming in with the experience he has and his skill!  I know many of you are thinking, well he played in a crap league and he’s 28 and blah blah blah!  Shakhtar may play in a crap league but have also won the Europa League which is good competition and then went on to do very well in the Champions League!  Jadson has a fantastic touch, fantastic shot and is quite aggressive.  I think he would fit in well with out team, and we need a player who will shoot the ball, not walk it in!

Anyways, hopefully a Friday signing, but not getting my hopes up!  It is Arsenal after all!


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