Arsenal After M’Vila, Montolivo and…Kaka?!

A few new transfer rumors on the Arsenal front with Arsene only having 10 days left to spend some money and give his team a chance to actually score some goals this year!  All of Arsenal’s games so far have been very hard to watch with very little attacking fluency and Arsenal could really use a few new players to pick it up and the players linked today could just do that!

First is Yann M’Vila and it was The Mirror that reported that M’Vila was a transfer target of Arsenal and said he was available for just 10 million pounds.  Well last night it was brought out that Arsenal offered 20 million Euros and was rejected…good call Mirror!  Honestly though, M’Vila recently signed a new contract and doesn’t really want to leave Rennes.  The problem that Arsene may see much this week has come out in that the club feels they won’t have enough time to replace their player.

In my opinion what Arsenal SHOULD do is go back to Rennes and offer them 20 million Euros + Francis Coquelin on loan.  This would give them a direct replacement who may not quite be ready to play for Arsenal and give us a player that could really be a force for us in the midfield!  If this is no longer an option I would say change our target to Toulouse midfielder Moussa Sissoko who would be a cheaper option and wants to come to the Premier League!

Next is Ricardo Montolivo who has once again been linked with Arsenal as Fiorentina are wishing to ship him out of Italy!  According to the Italian News Source Bayern Munich are no longer interested which has opened up the door for Arsenal to bring the midfielder to England.  The transfer fee for Montolivo would be around 6-10 million pounds which in no way reflects the abilities of the player.  With Alberto Aquilani being the latest Italian to fail in England many fans are hesitant about bringing him in.  Montolivo is a very skillful player but I’m not sure he’s suited for the EPL although he’d like to try out a different league.  I would have nothing against him coming in though as he would bring some creativity in and he could very well surprise us!

Lastly is Real Madrid Ricardo Kaka…wait…what?!  It’s being reported that Arsene is under pressure to bring in a BIG signing and Arsenal could make an inquiry and try and bring the Brazilian to Arsenal on a year long loan.  That would sure bring in some confidence to the side and it would be very fun to see him at the Emirates.  Can’t see this being very valid though unfortunately!




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