Nasri Refuses To Play But No Worries, Jack Is Back!

Tuesday morning and we still have to wait another day for Arsenal’s BIG game against Udinese.  Many fans are worried that this will be the end of Champions League for Arsenal but I’m quite optimistic about the game!  We have players back from injury and suspension and we’re a goal up.  We didn’t let any away goals in and Italy just sucks in general so why worry?  In my opinion they’ve lose far worse than we have and what we’ll be bringing to the stadium they will have a tough time coping with!

It appears though through all the good news of injuries recovering we’ll have to do with out Samir Nasri according to a few reports in England.  Not sure how they can really report this before AW’s press conference but they’re saying that Nasri has asked not to be apart of the team on Wednesday so he can finalize his move to Manchester City.  If that’s how he wants to do things then I say let him, just the fact that he’s said this to Wenger (if true) shows that he’s not committed.

On the bright side we should have Jack Wilshere back and raring to go.  Wenger confirmed that Wilshere would be in contention to play today and has been training since last Thursday.  Also back from suspension is Alex Song who will take his spot in the midfield and hopefully Ramsey fitting in with them.  Many of you probably think that’s not a good idea after his poor game against Liverpool but honestly Ramsey plays his best and has the best understanding with Wilshere and Song.  If Song, Wilshere, and Ramsey line up together on Wednesday evening I don’t think Udinese will be able to handle Arsenal at all.

I will talk about whose been linked with the club today but I don’t think that any transfers will come in until after our Champions League Game on Wednesday because if we get top players they will only come if we are still in Champions League!

On to Transfers as we’ve made barely any but it looks like things will pick up very shortly and even more so once we qualify for Champions League, a brand new one that many have been really waiting for all summer has just come up and the source is Russian and has also been reported in the Japanese Media and you can check out the article here, the opening line of article says this!

The management of London “Arsenal” has made an official proposal to soldiers about purchase of 25-years Japanese halfback Kejsuke Honda.

It also mentions something about Arsenal being interested in Alan Dzagoev but I had trouble even with the translation!  Anyways…Keisuke Honda is a fantastic player and Arsene Wenger has talked up Honda many times so I feel like this could be more valid than many of the rumors thus far!  The offer is 13 million pounds for the forward and will really improve this side who is about to lose Samir Nasri!  I don’t think he will be the only new attacking player to come in as well in the next 10 days if he does make his way to North London!

It’s also been reported that Eden Hazard will come to Arsenal as long as we win on Wednesday and if that’s the case it is the biggest game of the year for us.  Hazard will soon be one of the top players in the world and it’d be stupid of us to lose out on him because we couldn’t qualify for the Champions League in a game we should win 99 times out of 100!


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  1. I like your optimism my friend. Arsenal is going to pound Udinese today and then Wenger can freely go about buying Mertesacker, Honda, Hazard, and maybe even Cissokho or some other leftback. 🙂

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