Arsenal Advance and This Nasri Fellow Is A Joker!

Wow what a game right?! Most Arsenal fans had their heart in their stomachs for most of the game but it was a very exciting game none the less!  Even Fabregas was excited to see Arsenal win!  After the first half being one down there were quite a few negative fans who were sure we’d be out, wanted Wenger out, and thought Theo Walcott was playing like s***.  When in fact they just wanted someone to moan about and decided to moan about one of our most effective players on the night!

There were two really “Man of the Match” tonight first being Gervinho who caused the most problems for the defense and really used his dribbling skills to his advantage.  He also created the first Arsenal goal with some fantastic dribbling and good patience to wait for Robin Van Persie to open up.  RvP and Gervinho have really clicked recently and it looks like that will be a valuable partnership.  The second goes to our Goalkeeper who made some fantastic saves as well as a pk save which really took the flame out of the attack that was left in Udinese.

Honestly I believe this is the first game that this Arsenal team has really clicked and if they can get their finishing touches down they will be a force to be reckoned with.  Even the first half we dominated even if we didn’t score and the second half we could have put in a couple more if we really wanted to!  With the win today we have an extra 25 million pounds, a spot in the Champions League and possibly a few more players wanting to play for the Arsenal!

Starting tomorrow there is a good chance we’ll be linked with a ton of players with only a week to go until the deadline.  The Mirror has already said we’ve upped our bid for Midfielder Yann M’Vila.  I really would be happy if this happened quickly so we could have him in time for the Manchester United game.  I also read that M’Vila last year had over a 92% pass completion rate which is outstanding for a holding midfielder and it’s no wonder why Arsene has his eye on him.

The Eden Hazard rumors will probably hot up again as well even though Lille has said they won’t sell.  Hazard however has said that he will stay with Lille…unless the right opportunity comes along.  If you’ve followed Arsenal for some time you know Hazard has been keen to come to Arsenal so he may see this as the right opportunity.  The fee of 30 million pounds for a player of his quality would be just fine with me as well and I firmly believe he will be one of the best players in the world soon enough!

Lastly, a source has said why our Kaka loan bid failed.  It is thought that Real Madrid will only listen to offers to take him permanently and want at least 17.5  million pounds for the Brazilian.  Really that’s it?  I’d have him on the plane tomorrow if that’s all it took!  Despite being 29 years old and have a few injuries of the last year he is still a fantastic football and would fit right into Arsenal.  He’s a leader as well and would really help Arsenal in a few troubled areas!

Lastly Samir Nasri made his transfer to Manchester City official and then took a jab at Arsenal fans saying they aren’t passionate.  Well I’d like to say the same to you Samir, at least the fans don’t quit when the times are hard…they stick with the club!  Plus, really?  Manchester City fans more passionate than Arsenal? Get real!

Well I do hope to wake up to a signing tomorrow but I won’t hold my breath!


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  1. Mithun Lalwani

    I love your blog man. I wait for it everyday.Go Gunners Go…..

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