Arsenal Transfer Rumors Go Mad!

Arsenal’s Transfer market has gone completely mental as there are players being spit out of every website that claims to know things about football!  I’ve even see a few crappy rumor sites putting up stuff because Wenger is looking to improve midfield, so they decide to link him with a random midfielder!  Gooners are trying to stay sane but it’s honestly not working for many.  The player who has everyone raving right now though is Eden Hazard!

I’m also one of the raving fans hoping and praying that the Belgian Winger will make his way to Arsenal and that’s for a couple of reasons. 1. He is my favorite non Arsenal player and has been for a few years now! 2. He is an exceptional talent and would fit right into Arsenal’s plans! 3.  Holy crap is he good!

I’ve read some opinions and questions about Hazard on Twitter and I guess I can answer many of them for you if you don’t know much about him.

1. Is Hazard a Winger or an attacking midfielder?   Well he was primarily used as a winger at Lille because of the players they had for their midfield and their need for a winger!  He can play VERY effectively through the middle and behind the striker.  I think that IF Wenger brings in Hazard he will use him as an attacking midfielder.  With Theo and Gervinho already having the winger spots, and Ryo, AOC, and AA23 as back ups I don’t think he’s brought in Hazard for Wing Play.

2. What are Hazard’s strengths?  He’s a ridiculous dribbler, he’s a bit like Messi in which you have no idea how he still has the ball, but he does!  His Vision is second to none as well and it seems like he has eyes in the back of his head.

3. What are Hazard’s weaknesses?  He’s a bit like AA23 in that he can get a bit complacent and not always seem like he’s put the most effort in, but he can also come out of nowhere and be brilliant!

4. For his price is he worth it?  Absolutely, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be top 5 players in the world in the next few years especially if he makes the move to Arsenal!

5. Lille don’t want to sell, how are we supposed to get him?  How many times did Arsene come out and say “We don’t want to sell Cesc, he’s not leaving” Every player has their price!

Now for the out of control rumors we’ve seen today.  Well there’s Raul Albiol, we’re apparently back in for Lucho Gonzalez and I would love for that to happen, he’s a fantastic player.  Kaka is still a name coming up, Eljero Elia came up as well as we’ve made an inquiry which is odd that we’d go for more wingers! Moussa Sow, Cisse from the German club but he has a long name but a very good player.  More strikers will soon be coming up as Arsene Wenger said he’s looking for a striker.

Joel Campbell will find out if he gets his work permit tomorrow also so if that fails we’ll need a striker BIG TIME.  Not sure where we’ll get one of the right quality this soon though!  Anyways, don’t get to frustrated or drive yourself crazy with all the rumors, most aren’t true!


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