Manchester United Awaits

Only a few days left in the transfer market and we had some big news today regarding Park Chu Yung, the Korean International striker who was just about to sign for Lille! He met with officials and told them he was ditching them for Arsenal! When you look at him on Youtube he does look like a very good player! Looking at his stats says a bit of a different story but he did have a very productive year last year with Monaco who was relegated.  So I will not pass judgement on him until I’ve seen him play and he’s been bought for what looks like to be our back up as Niklas Bendtner is not in Wenger’s plans.

Speaking of the Danish airhead, The Daily Star is reporting that Arsenal are trying to maneuver a trade between Everton where Nik will sign with the Merseysiders who need a striker and in return, Mikel Arteta will become a Gunner!  Gonna be honest, this would excite the crap out of me if it wasn’t the Daily Star reporting it.  I can only wish because Arteta is a fantastic player, only problem is his injuries!  I have always been quite a big fan of Arteta and he would do a fine job filling in for Cesc Fabregas.  Best part is he wouldn’t need any adjusting to the English game.

Most people are thinking that the Park transfer will cause rifts between Arsenal and Lille but it looks as though Lille have no qualms with Arsenal but with Park and are disgusted with his behavior.  I suppose it’s his choice but it is pretty low of him to do that.  I understand his thinking especially since an offer from Arsenal is a once in a lifetime happening but the way things happened don’t sit right with me!  So for those of you thinking the Hazard deal is now dead, it’s not it’s still a possibility and we’ll see what happens in the next 2-3 days!

Tomorrow Manchester United and Arsenal meet and to tell you the truth I’m not expecting a whole lot from it, as long as we put on a better display than Tottenham and I know we will.  We’ll have a pretty young squad and much of it depends on whether Vermaelen, Djourou, and Sagna pull through their fitness tests tomorrow!  If they don’t this is what our team could look like!

Jenk Kos Miquel Traore
Ramsey Rosicky
Walcott RvP Arshavin

I wish Arsene Wenger would have the balls to put Arshavin in the middle, he’s far more creative in the middle and doesn’t need to use his speed as much, because lets be honest, he doesn’t have much left he’s getting old!  Arsenal really need to start giving Ryo and AOC a shot because if they’re going to be a big part of the team I’d like them to get some big games under their belts!  Let’s not wait until the Carling Cup, give Ryo a chance to harass that depleted Manchester United defense!

Anyways, we’re facing a really tough Manchester United side right now and if we come away with a draw I’ll be please.  Two things I would not like to see though this game are 1. Arsenal player red carded 2. Goalless draw.

Anyways enjoy the game and pray that the transfers will come in soon.  If you wish to hear my comments on the game you can add me on twitter @GunnerTactics



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