RvP 2 – 1 Sunderland – Player Ratings

Well I haven’t written in a while and the game yesterday may have just sparked my return with a fantastic win if I do say so myself. I also saw many of the downers on Twitter complaining back and forth on our defense and this and that.  Reality is, we conceded 1 goal and it was on a free kick, by one of the best free kickers in the league…

We saw some shaky times from the defense but we can’t expect them to always be completely solid and we all know this!  Mertesacker is still adjusting and there are many negative vibes towards him from Arsenal fans, which are quite premature.  Koscielny was also getting much negativity even though he’s just returning from injury and lets be honest…would you rather have Djourou or Squillaci back there? No so shut it!

Both finishes by the captain were quite fantastic and honestly he could have had more.  His attempt that hit the bar was phenomenal despite it not going in and he proved why he’s one of the best strikers in the world yesterday.  Despite that, I would like to see him played in the position right behind the striker and move Theo to the middle.  Theo has dissappeared in games more and more this season and moving him up front would really free him to use his strength…speed.  He can’t dribble at players, he runs past them.  He moves up front and all of a sudden Arteta and Van Persie have  a player who will have good movement and great speed to pass to.  Not to mention I’d like to see Chamberlain getting more time.

Gervinho had a great first half but was invisible in the second half, but honestly almost every player had a decent performance and it was probably one of the most exciting performances I’ve seen in quite some time from Arsenal.


Szczsney – 7 – Made a fantastic reflex save on the line, made a terrible decision to come out of the goal on a long ball that almost cost a goal.

Jenkinson – 6.5 – You could tell he was nervous, too predictable on the ball and needs to adjust to the speed more, but on the bright side made some great runs forward and looks very comfortable in the attack.

Mertesacker – 7 – Didn’t really do anything noticeably wrong, being unfairly criticized in my opinion at the moment

Koscielny – 6 – Did some good, did some bad especially trying to stay up with the line and catch players with offside traps.  Was solid as always with his tackles.

Gibbs – 7 – Did well on the left and quite unfortunate to get hurt.

Song – 7 – Was a rock wall as the defensive midfielder and won many many tackles.  Unfortunately Songinho didn’t come out today and ruined quite a few chances in the attack with his optimistic long balls from 20 yards out.

Rosicky – 8 – Great game from the Czech with some good runs, and really controlled the midfield.  Rosicky seemed to control much of the tempo of the game and you could tell after the game was tied, he put some urgency into our attack.  I was very impressed with him

Arteta – 6.5 – Was solid but nothing phenom

Walcott – 4 – Wait Walcott played?

Gervinho – 7 – Good assist, made some good runs in the first half and almost had a goal of his own, second half he disappeared and was replaced by Andrey Arshavin.

RvP – 9 – Not much to say really, world class player put in a world class performance.  Haven’t seen a free kick like that from him in quite some time.


AA23 – 7.5 – Looks like our little Russian may be getting back into some form and he knows he was playing bad, but the display I saw was of confidence and it’s been a while since I’ve seen him show any.  Would love to see him get a chance to start with RvP and Gervinho, could be quite a rampaging front line!

Yossi – 5 – I…do…not…like…Yossi, So I’m biased.  Not sure why we give him a chance and not players like Park, Ryo, Ox, Frimpong, Coquelin who will have a long term future with us.  Yossi almost gave a way a goal as well.

Santos – 7 – Seemed solid, had a poor free kick but did well in defense and looks like he’s finally finding his feet in the EPL.


So I’m pumped for the game against Marseilles, but after seeing what they did to Dortmund a little nervous!


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