Diaby The Tonic Arsenal Need?

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard the name Abou Diaby in the Arsenal lineup with many fans already casting him out and hoping he is transferred.  Could he yet be the tonic Arsenal need though?  The powerful midfielder is only a couple of weeks away from being match fit and could make a big impact on this team that lacks confidence.

The tall lanky midfielder has played in a variety of positions for Arsenal including the wings, attacking midfield, and defensive midfielder.  Many fans became very tired and weary of Diaby’s performances when he moved back into the defensive midfield position and its unknown whether these delusional fans really knew that isn’t his natural position!

Diaby’s fantastic dribbling, powerful runs, well timed runs and speed can only make a contribution when he’s playing in a relatively attacking position.  To have Diaby playing behind Robin Van Persie on the line could really be the attacking presence we need in this side that is not scoring the goals they should be!

Now many of you will write this off because many of you want to see the back of Diaby which is expected and I’ve also had my moments where I did not want to see him in the team, he is very injury prone but a good run in the team could see the midfielder really get back into his groove and could see the return of Arsenal to the top!

Who knows whether his return to fitness will see him stay healthy but it’s worth giving him a shot to get his form up so he can be an attacking threat for this Arsenal team lacking in fluidity.


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