Have Arsenal Already Made a January Signing?

Of course it’s too early to really make assumptions or guess what Arsene Wenger has up his sleeve and with recent reports linking Arsenal with Lukas Podolski, and Mario Gotze we have to anxiously and impatiently wait and jump to conclusions like we always do because we can’t help ourselves only to be disappointed because we didn’t sign Eden Hazard or Messi….

Reports from the Mexican Press though is that Arsenal have already made a signing…it’s not often that we hear of this from the Mexican press, but the information that is reported was leaked by a family member of Chivas Guadalajara midfielder Marco Fabian.  The Goal.com Report is here.  Now I look at this with a lot of excitement, only because I get excited by possible players that could join Arsenal.  I mean who wouldn’t get excited over having Lukas Podolski as our backup striker instead of Marouane Chamakh?

If the reported arrival of Marco Fabian were to be true, it could see the end of the line for a few players such as injury plagued Abou Diaby, One game a month Tomas Rosicky, and could even see the end of the Mario Gotze rumors.  In fact this rumor may even make sense as Arsenal do like to take the cheaper option.  Now while Fabian is cheaper it by no means reflects the talent he possesses.

The attacking midfielder from Chivas is known for his wonder goals against Barcelona in the summer and is regarded as the best play maker Mexico has.

There are a few things though that lead me to believe this is all hype though.  First of all, on November 10th Chivas president said they had no contact with anyone about the sale of Fabian and they had no intention of letting him go.  Fabian is a big part of their future and that he has a 5 year contract.  Quotes are here

Now that was almost a month ago and anything could have happened in between then and now, and money can certainly talk when it comes to a club like Chivas, but many are finding it peculiar that this was leaked, but when Javier Hernandez made his move it was kept in secrecy.

Either way, it’s almost transfer season again and I’m here to keep you up to date, get you hyped up so that when you are disappointed that it didn’t actually happen, you’ll come right back because I’ll have another name for you to get excited about!!! Just Kidding, here’s a video of Marco Fabian…future Arsenal player?  Who knows.


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