More and More Frustration Creeping In On Arsenal Fans

What is happening to Arsenal?  It may not seem like too much since we’ve gone from 17th to 5th throughout the season, but we’ve lost 6 games this year and 5 of them away!  The team we once knew is gone and fans have had to adjust to a new look team with a giant in back, a Fabregas look a like (not play alike) in midfield and a little bit of laziness all around.

Fans are growing more and more frustrated with Arsenal and especially Arsene Wenger as this year progresses.  Yes we’ve moved up the table, but we’re so inconsistent it’s just sad.  We have no idea which Arsenal will turn up anymore and as I look at responses throughout twitter when they see the line up many expect the worst when they see the names Arshavin and Chamakh, or even Rosicky and Benayoun.

Much of this frustration started in the summer when Arsene had much work to do and then waited until the last 3 or 4 days to really even try and by then all of the players he should have been going for the whole time, were now unavailable.

After the window closes we continued to be linked with players as everyone knew this team wasn’t good enough to win us the title and we still know that this team needs to strengthened, but there is absolutely NO sign of that happening in the near future.

There has been depression among the Arsenal fans who have realized it resigning that Arsenal is no longer a big club anymore.  It seems to be getting more and more true with the way this club is being run.  They tell us we are better financially, and in the long run we will be better but when we miss out on Champions League we lose a lot of money, and what big players are going to want to come to Arsenal? Hugo Rodallega….awesome.

Things have gotten worse between many of the fans and Arsene Wenger when recently he was asked about whether he was looking to sign Yoann Gourcuff, a playmaker that’s career could really be revitalized at Arsenal.  Arsene in a nutshell said…”well if I bring Gourcuff when will Diaby get game-time?”  Well he’s gotten what? 13 minutes so far?  No sign of him coming back anytime soon and yet still nothing is done.

Those who have stuck by Arsene Wenger take stick, and continue to support him for all he’s done in the past and how he leads the club, but it’s hard to tell their conviction when they speak up for him.  I honestly don’t think anyone could do the job Wenger has at this club…except for in the transfer market.

There has begun…okay this ship has sailed, but with how many chances Wenger is will to give to players who really don’t deserve it.  Everytime Arshavin scores or makes an assist Wenger seems to go completely bonkers on how Arshavin still has the quality.  Chamakh doesn’t really have much competition for the number 2 spot but I’m sure we could find someone in the reserves who could give him a run for his money.

So why haven’t we utilized our young talent like we have in the past?  We all know that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ryo Miyaichi are our future attack and most see Benik Afobe as the successor to Robin Van Persie.  We received a special talent visa for Ryo, and paid 15 million for the Ox, why aren’t we putting it to good use?  What’s the worst that could happen, their back-ups have proved time and time again that they aren’t up for the job.

Many will say it’s because Arsene has more pressure on him to deliver this year, so he’s played a more experienced side…unfortunately that turns us into Chelsea I’m sad to say.  I’ve always seen Chelsea as the most boring team in the EPL and they’ve always had a very experienced side who many times got the job done, but did it putting people to sleep more than playing good football.  Is that what we’ve become?  Arsenal need to blend the young in with the experienced to make the right formula for a devastating attack.

If Ox and Ryo are the future of this club, how is letting them sit on the bench and play in the reserves helping their progress?  Both are desparate to play their part in the first team and jump up to that level, where as some of the players aren’t willing to give everything, or take their chance when they do get on the field!

Another tough game looms for Arsenal and with another loss would Arsene look to the market to try and bring in a player that could change things for his struggling side?  Well in his opinion there shouldn’t even be a January window so I highly doubt it.  It makes me quite nervous for the rest of the season, and sadly for our Champions League tie against A.C. Milan, which in my opinion we should always have a better team than A.C. Milan because I hate Italian Football.

So in conclusion I think we’ve seen more and more people jump on the Wenger out bandwagon and unfortunately Arsene has brought it upon himself so what will happen if Arsenal finish outside the top 4 this year?  Would AW leave on his own? Or Quit?  Would he bring out the money?  Either way he needs to find a way to appease the fans.  Although I am not in this bandwagon that does not support our manager, the frustration has crept inside me as well and am worried for the future of this glorious club.


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