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A New RV

After a lot of discussion, my parents decided that they wanted to sell their house and move to Florida. They want to be able to travel and live in a variety of places in their golden years, and I can’t say I blame them. The house they currently have is a little too big for them, especially since my brothers and sisters moved out of that place years and years ago. They already have an RV that is in excellent condition, and they want to take that all the way down to a little fishing town. To me, that sounds like a great idea. If I didn’t have so many responsibilities here, I would strongly consider going down there too.

My parents are going to get the house fixed up with the help of the people at homeproimprovement. Once the place is looking nice, they are going to try and sell that house and use that money to live off of for a while. That plan seems like a great idea for them. If they can find a place to live down there, I’ll be sure to visit them a lot.