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Emirates Cup and Signings Welcome!

I’m buzzing with excitement to get another look at our fantastic signing Gervinho as well as then entire team really!  Not sure I’ll be sleeping tonight!  Our first game against Boca Juniors should be very competitive and I’m even a bit disappointed we don’t get to play PSG so we can really test our team and see how we fair against some good competition.  After seeing how the other MLS teams have fared against European competition I don’t think New York will be much of a game personally.  I am quite excited to see Henry back in London though!

I’m interested to see what team we come out with because our other preseason games had 2 teams who played together most of the time.  We do know that we won’t be seeing Ryo who’s applied for his work permit but won’t know the outcome until the middle of August and we won’t see Walcott who is out injured.  Fabregas also won’t be involved and will continue to be unavailable until he figures out this Barcelona Arsenal saga.

Arsene Wenger has also said that he’ll be doing his business “sooner rather than later” which is good news considering we’re after Juan Mata.  I do think the fans are getting a little ahead of themselves and while we are interested in Juan Mata I don’t think we’ve tied up a deal for him.  The Guardian is reporting that Tottenham are interested in Mata and are going to pay more than Arsenal.  Mata won’t leave Valencia for a team that won’t play Champions League though so basically this is our transfer!  Now make it happen Arsene!

Some interesting news out of Madrid and our transfer target Karim Benzema.  It turns out that Real Madrid want Carlos Tevez from Manchester City after losing out on Sergio Aguero.  Madrid need to raise a bit of money as well so The Punch is saying that they will offer Arsenal Benzema for 25 million.  My first question is how credible is this site but I did look around the web and found other sites reporting that same rumor.

If Arsenal’s summer consisted of buying Gervinho, Juan Mata, and Benzema it would be a dream come true!  The way I see it Benzema would cost 25 million, and Nasri could be sold for 20 to 25 million.  We’d be getting Mata as a replacement and a great signing like Benzema it would definitely be our year!  Just wishful thinking though…very wishful…more like praying, and begging God!

I’ll have more tomorrow night on the game and maybe some great news, who knows!