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The Season Starts Now For Arsenal

Back again to the blogging after taking a few days off to see how this whole transfer debacle went and to tell you the truth, I’m pumped!  It wasn’t the perfect week we were hoping for but it looks like we’ve added some valuable players to the squad and we’ll gain a lot of confidence from the players that have come in!  In the beginning of the summer we signed 3 players all under 24 and at the end of the transfer window we signed 5 players all over the age of 24!  It’s been quite a hectic day to say the least.

About midday it was thought that we only had two targets left Mikel Arteta and Yossi Benayoun.  It appeared we weren’t going to get Arteta because of differences in his wages so we only had one left, being Benayoun.  Fans who had slated Arteta for being to old or injury prone or a fake Cesc or whatever you want to call him were now looking back and thinking “what have we done, we’re only getting Benayoun?”  Well we got them both!

Arteta I feel will go right into the team and I see him really making a difference! Especially playing next to Wilshere.  Arteta is a deep lying midfielder who will let Wilshere roam more frequently.  The Spaniard is also a great set piece taker which will really give us a boost!  The only question is how he’ll cope with injuries.  The last few years he’s been plagued by them but if he can keep out of the injury room then he’ll do wonders for us, and won’t need to get used to the Premier League.

Yossi on the other hand will most likely be a squad player and his experience and creativity will definitely bring something to this young Arsenal team.  He has a lot of experience playing for both Chelsea and Liverpool so he’s no stranger to Champions League.  He’s now an Arsenal player though so we owe him our full support!

Andre Santos is our left back replacement who came in yesterday as Armand Traore left for QPR and I have to say, “phewwww what a relief!”  I’m very happy that we’ve signed a left back and honestly Andre Santos is a fantastic signing!  For those of you who have thought this isn’t a great signing, we could be going into the season with an injury prone Gibbs and a below average Traore, or we could deal with the fact that the starting Left Back for Brazil plays for Arsenal now!

Per Mertesacker is probably my favorite signing of the window because I’ve been practically begging Arsene to buy him the entire window!  The Giant German will have a big impact on Arsenal this year with his experience and height.  I’ve heard way too many people say he’ll be too slow for the Premier League but do you honestly think he’s never faced opposition who play quickly like they do in the EPL?  He will not have too much trouble adjusting along with really bringing some order and discipline to this defense!  His height will definitely help on our set pieces as well.  I do think he’ll be a starter so watch out for Vermesacker!

One thing that’s really been improved in my opinion is our depth and it will be interesting to see what happens in our midfield this year with the addition of Arteta and Benayoun.  Our defensive midfield has Song, Frimpong, and Coquelin in it still which is why we didn’t improve this spot this summer.  Coquelin was in my opinion our best player on Sunday against Manchester United and I think he’s very ready for the first team and could be valuable if Song ends up at the African Cup in January!

The season starts here for Arsenal and these last 4 buys from Arsenal are a real statement of intent because they are four players who know how to win, and they know what it takes to win!  They can really push this team and they can bring these younger players up to play at their full potential so I’m very excited about how this season is looking from here on out!


Transfers: Why Arsenal should be targeting Wolfsburg’s Diego

So far this year it’s been nothing but speculation on the buying and selling end.  Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy, and a few others all want out and the Fabregas saga continues.  On the other end we are after Gervinho, Samba, Cahill and from reports Falcao, Douglas Costa, and 50 other players.

Every team is asking more than Arsenal are willing to pay, and we are asking more than other teams are willing to pay.  There is a player though that is thought to be pretty cheap, and would have a chance to make up for a couple of hard years elsewhere.  He was regarded as one of the brightest Brazilian talents and was a starter for the national team.  Of course I’m talking about Diego of Wolfsburg.

Diego is another great prospect out of Santos in Brazil where he made his way to FC Porto for two years and eventually transferred to Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga and enjoyed so much success there.  He has won many different things with Brazil, Bremen and Porto and his career started off so brightly.

Unfortunately he moved to an Italian team who ruined his career like every Italian team does.  After an unsuccessful year at Juventus he signed for Wolfsburg back in the Bundesliga and made 30 appearances scoring 6 goals.  His goal scoring isn’t really his focal point as he is a tricky midfielder with his passing and vision.  He see passes before they happen and can be much like Cesc Fabregas with a little more creativity.

A few months ago he walked out on Wolfsburg in a training Session and it is thought that he will be leaving Wolfsburg.  Although his father has said that they will not be leaving Wolfsburg yet, it is thought his transfer fee will be around 6-8 million Euros and would be a signing Wenger should make.  Why?  Well I just said why but you still don’t believe he has what it takes?  Well then watch this and tell me your thoughts.