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Have Arsenal Already Made a January Signing?

Of course it’s too early to really make assumptions or guess what Arsene Wenger has up his sleeve and with recent reports linking Arsenal with Lukas Podolski, and Mario Gotze we have to anxiously and impatiently wait and jump to conclusions like we always do because we can’t help ourselves only to be disappointed because we didn’t sign Eden Hazard or Messi….

Reports from the Mexican Press though is that Arsenal have already made a signing…it’s not often that we hear of this from the Mexican press, but the information that is reported was leaked by a family member of Chivas Guadalajara midfielder Marco Fabian.  The Report is here.  Now I look at this with a lot of excitement, only because I get excited by possible players that could join Arsenal.  I mean who wouldn’t get excited over having Lukas Podolski as our backup striker instead of Marouane Chamakh?

If the reported arrival of Marco Fabian were to be true, it could see the end of the line for a few players such as injury plagued Abou Diaby, One game a month Tomas Rosicky, and could even see the end of the Mario Gotze rumors.  In fact this rumor may even make sense as Arsenal do like to take the cheaper option.  Now while Fabian is cheaper it by no means reflects the talent he possesses.

The attacking midfielder from Chivas is known for his wonder goals against Barcelona in the summer and is regarded as the best play maker Mexico has.

There are a few things though that lead me to believe this is all hype though.  First of all, on November 10th Chivas president said they had no contact with anyone about the sale of Fabian and they had no intention of letting him go.  Fabian is a big part of their future and that he has a 5 year contract.  Quotes are here

Now that was almost a month ago and anything could have happened in between then and now, and money can certainly talk when it comes to a club like Chivas, but many are finding it peculiar that this was leaked, but when Javier Hernandez made his move it was kept in secrecy.

Either way, it’s almost transfer season again and I’m here to keep you up to date, get you hyped up so that when you are disappointed that it didn’t actually happen, you’ll come right back because I’ll have another name for you to get excited about!!! Just Kidding, here’s a video of Marco Fabian…future Arsenal player?  Who knows.


The Season Starts Now For Arsenal

Back again to the blogging after taking a few days off to see how this whole transfer debacle went and to tell you the truth, I’m pumped!  It wasn’t the perfect week we were hoping for but it looks like we’ve added some valuable players to the squad and we’ll gain a lot of confidence from the players that have come in!  In the beginning of the summer we signed 3 players all under 24 and at the end of the transfer window we signed 5 players all over the age of 24!  It’s been quite a hectic day to say the least.

About midday it was thought that we only had two targets left Mikel Arteta and Yossi Benayoun.  It appeared we weren’t going to get Arteta because of differences in his wages so we only had one left, being Benayoun.  Fans who had slated Arteta for being to old or injury prone or a fake Cesc or whatever you want to call him were now looking back and thinking “what have we done, we’re only getting Benayoun?”  Well we got them both!

Arteta I feel will go right into the team and I see him really making a difference! Especially playing next to Wilshere.  Arteta is a deep lying midfielder who will let Wilshere roam more frequently.  The Spaniard is also a great set piece taker which will really give us a boost!  The only question is how he’ll cope with injuries.  The last few years he’s been plagued by them but if he can keep out of the injury room then he’ll do wonders for us, and won’t need to get used to the Premier League.

Yossi on the other hand will most likely be a squad player and his experience and creativity will definitely bring something to this young Arsenal team.  He has a lot of experience playing for both Chelsea and Liverpool so he’s no stranger to Champions League.  He’s now an Arsenal player though so we owe him our full support!

Andre Santos is our left back replacement who came in yesterday as Armand Traore left for QPR and I have to say, “phewwww what a relief!”  I’m very happy that we’ve signed a left back and honestly Andre Santos is a fantastic signing!  For those of you who have thought this isn’t a great signing, we could be going into the season with an injury prone Gibbs and a below average Traore, or we could deal with the fact that the starting Left Back for Brazil plays for Arsenal now!

Per Mertesacker is probably my favorite signing of the window because I’ve been practically begging Arsene to buy him the entire window!  The Giant German will have a big impact on Arsenal this year with his experience and height.  I’ve heard way too many people say he’ll be too slow for the Premier League but do you honestly think he’s never faced opposition who play quickly like they do in the EPL?  He will not have too much trouble adjusting along with really bringing some order and discipline to this defense!  His height will definitely help on our set pieces as well.  I do think he’ll be a starter so watch out for Vermesacker!

One thing that’s really been improved in my opinion is our depth and it will be interesting to see what happens in our midfield this year with the addition of Arteta and Benayoun.  Our defensive midfield has Song, Frimpong, and Coquelin in it still which is why we didn’t improve this spot this summer.  Coquelin was in my opinion our best player on Sunday against Manchester United and I think he’s very ready for the first team and could be valuable if Song ends up at the African Cup in January!

The season starts here for Arsenal and these last 4 buys from Arsenal are a real statement of intent because they are four players who know how to win, and they know what it takes to win!  They can really push this team and they can bring these younger players up to play at their full potential so I’m very excited about how this season is looking from here on out!

Manchester United Awaits

Only a few days left in the transfer market and we had some big news today regarding Park Chu Yung, the Korean International striker who was just about to sign for Lille! He met with officials and told them he was ditching them for Arsenal! When you look at him on Youtube he does look like a very good player! Looking at his stats says a bit of a different story but he did have a very productive year last year with Monaco who was relegated.  So I will not pass judgement on him until I’ve seen him play and he’s been bought for what looks like to be our back up as Niklas Bendtner is not in Wenger’s plans.

Speaking of the Danish airhead, The Daily Star is reporting that Arsenal are trying to maneuver a trade between Everton where Nik will sign with the Merseysiders who need a striker and in return, Mikel Arteta will become a Gunner!  Gonna be honest, this would excite the crap out of me if it wasn’t the Daily Star reporting it.  I can only wish because Arteta is a fantastic player, only problem is his injuries!  I have always been quite a big fan of Arteta and he would do a fine job filling in for Cesc Fabregas.  Best part is he wouldn’t need any adjusting to the English game.

Most people are thinking that the Park transfer will cause rifts between Arsenal and Lille but it looks as though Lille have no qualms with Arsenal but with Park and are disgusted with his behavior.  I suppose it’s his choice but it is pretty low of him to do that.  I understand his thinking especially since an offer from Arsenal is a once in a lifetime happening but the way things happened don’t sit right with me!  So for those of you thinking the Hazard deal is now dead, it’s not it’s still a possibility and we’ll see what happens in the next 2-3 days!

Tomorrow Manchester United and Arsenal meet and to tell you the truth I’m not expecting a whole lot from it, as long as we put on a better display than Tottenham and I know we will.  We’ll have a pretty young squad and much of it depends on whether Vermaelen, Djourou, and Sagna pull through their fitness tests tomorrow!  If they don’t this is what our team could look like!

Jenk Kos Miquel Traore
Ramsey Rosicky
Walcott RvP Arshavin

I wish Arsene Wenger would have the balls to put Arshavin in the middle, he’s far more creative in the middle and doesn’t need to use his speed as much, because lets be honest, he doesn’t have much left he’s getting old!  Arsenal really need to start giving Ryo and AOC a shot because if they’re going to be a big part of the team I’d like them to get some big games under their belts!  Let’s not wait until the Carling Cup, give Ryo a chance to harass that depleted Manchester United defense!

Anyways, we’re facing a really tough Manchester United side right now and if we come away with a draw I’ll be please.  Two things I would not like to see though this game are 1. Arsenal player red carded 2. Goalless draw.

Anyways enjoy the game and pray that the transfers will come in soon.  If you wish to hear my comments on the game you can add me on twitter @GunnerTactics


Arsenal Advance and This Nasri Fellow Is A Joker!

Wow what a game right?! Most Arsenal fans had their heart in their stomachs for most of the game but it was a very exciting game none the less!  Even Fabregas was excited to see Arsenal win!  After the first half being one down there were quite a few negative fans who were sure we’d be out, wanted Wenger out, and thought Theo Walcott was playing like s***.  When in fact they just wanted someone to moan about and decided to moan about one of our most effective players on the night!

There were two really “Man of the Match” tonight first being Gervinho who caused the most problems for the defense and really used his dribbling skills to his advantage.  He also created the first Arsenal goal with some fantastic dribbling and good patience to wait for Robin Van Persie to open up.  RvP and Gervinho have really clicked recently and it looks like that will be a valuable partnership.  The second goes to our Goalkeeper who made some fantastic saves as well as a pk save which really took the flame out of the attack that was left in Udinese.

Honestly I believe this is the first game that this Arsenal team has really clicked and if they can get their finishing touches down they will be a force to be reckoned with.  Even the first half we dominated even if we didn’t score and the second half we could have put in a couple more if we really wanted to!  With the win today we have an extra 25 million pounds, a spot in the Champions League and possibly a few more players wanting to play for the Arsenal!

Starting tomorrow there is a good chance we’ll be linked with a ton of players with only a week to go until the deadline.  The Mirror has already said we’ve upped our bid for Midfielder Yann M’Vila.  I really would be happy if this happened quickly so we could have him in time for the Manchester United game.  I also read that M’Vila last year had over a 92% pass completion rate which is outstanding for a holding midfielder and it’s no wonder why Arsene has his eye on him.

The Eden Hazard rumors will probably hot up again as well even though Lille has said they won’t sell.  Hazard however has said that he will stay with Lille…unless the right opportunity comes along.  If you’ve followed Arsenal for some time you know Hazard has been keen to come to Arsenal so he may see this as the right opportunity.  The fee of 30 million pounds for a player of his quality would be just fine with me as well and I firmly believe he will be one of the best players in the world soon enough!

Lastly, a source has said why our Kaka loan bid failed.  It is thought that Real Madrid will only listen to offers to take him permanently and want at least 17.5  million pounds for the Brazilian.  Really that’s it?  I’d have him on the plane tomorrow if that’s all it took!  Despite being 29 years old and have a few injuries of the last year he is still a fantastic football and would fit right into Arsenal.  He’s a leader as well and would really help Arsenal in a few troubled areas!

Lastly Samir Nasri made his transfer to Manchester City official and then took a jab at Arsenal fans saying they aren’t passionate.  Well I’d like to say the same to you Samir, at least the fans don’t quit when the times are hard…they stick with the club!  Plus, really?  Manchester City fans more passionate than Arsenal? Get real!

Well I do hope to wake up to a signing tomorrow but I won’t hold my breath!

Nasri Refuses To Play But No Worries, Jack Is Back!

Tuesday morning and we still have to wait another day for Arsenal’s BIG game against Udinese.  Many fans are worried that this will be the end of Champions League for Arsenal but I’m quite optimistic about the game!  We have players back from injury and suspension and we’re a goal up.  We didn’t let any away goals in and Italy just sucks in general so why worry?  In my opinion they’ve lose far worse than we have and what we’ll be bringing to the stadium they will have a tough time coping with!

It appears though through all the good news of injuries recovering we’ll have to do with out Samir Nasri according to a few reports in England.  Not sure how they can really report this before AW’s press conference but they’re saying that Nasri has asked not to be apart of the team on Wednesday so he can finalize his move to Manchester City.  If that’s how he wants to do things then I say let him, just the fact that he’s said this to Wenger (if true) shows that he’s not committed.

On the bright side we should have Jack Wilshere back and raring to go.  Wenger confirmed that Wilshere would be in contention to play today and has been training since last Thursday.  Also back from suspension is Alex Song who will take his spot in the midfield and hopefully Ramsey fitting in with them.  Many of you probably think that’s not a good idea after his poor game against Liverpool but honestly Ramsey plays his best and has the best understanding with Wilshere and Song.  If Song, Wilshere, and Ramsey line up together on Wednesday evening I don’t think Udinese will be able to handle Arsenal at all.

I will talk about whose been linked with the club today but I don’t think that any transfers will come in until after our Champions League Game on Wednesday because if we get top players they will only come if we are still in Champions League!

On to Transfers as we’ve made barely any but it looks like things will pick up very shortly and even more so once we qualify for Champions League, a brand new one that many have been really waiting for all summer has just come up and the source is Russian and has also been reported in the Japanese Media and you can check out the article here, the opening line of article says this!

The management of London “Arsenal” has made an official proposal to soldiers about purchase of 25-years Japanese halfback Kejsuke Honda.

It also mentions something about Arsenal being interested in Alan Dzagoev but I had trouble even with the translation!  Anyways…Keisuke Honda is a fantastic player and Arsene Wenger has talked up Honda many times so I feel like this could be more valid than many of the rumors thus far!  The offer is 13 million pounds for the forward and will really improve this side who is about to lose Samir Nasri!  I don’t think he will be the only new attacking player to come in as well in the next 10 days if he does make his way to North London!

It’s also been reported that Eden Hazard will come to Arsenal as long as we win on Wednesday and if that’s the case it is the biggest game of the year for us.  Hazard will soon be one of the top players in the world and it’d be stupid of us to lose out on him because we couldn’t qualify for the Champions League in a game we should win 99 times out of 100!

Arsenal After M’Vila, Montolivo and…Kaka?!

A few new transfer rumors on the Arsenal front with Arsene only having 10 days left to spend some money and give his team a chance to actually score some goals this year!  All of Arsenal’s games so far have been very hard to watch with very little attacking fluency and Arsenal could really use a few new players to pick it up and the players linked today could just do that!

First is Yann M’Vila and it was The Mirror that reported that M’Vila was a transfer target of Arsenal and said he was available for just 10 million pounds.  Well last night it was brought out that Arsenal offered 20 million Euros and was rejected…good call Mirror!  Honestly though, M’Vila recently signed a new contract and doesn’t really want to leave Rennes.  The problem that Arsene may see much this week has come out in that the club feels they won’t have enough time to replace their player.

In my opinion what Arsenal SHOULD do is go back to Rennes and offer them 20 million Euros + Francis Coquelin on loan.  This would give them a direct replacement who may not quite be ready to play for Arsenal and give us a player that could really be a force for us in the midfield!  If this is no longer an option I would say change our target to Toulouse midfielder Moussa Sissoko who would be a cheaper option and wants to come to the Premier League!

Next is Ricardo Montolivo who has once again been linked with Arsenal as Fiorentina are wishing to ship him out of Italy!  According to the Italian News Source Bayern Munich are no longer interested which has opened up the door for Arsenal to bring the midfielder to England.  The transfer fee for Montolivo would be around 6-10 million pounds which in no way reflects the abilities of the player.  With Alberto Aquilani being the latest Italian to fail in England many fans are hesitant about bringing him in.  Montolivo is a very skillful player but I’m not sure he’s suited for the EPL although he’d like to try out a different league.  I would have nothing against him coming in though as he would bring some creativity in and he could very well surprise us!

Lastly is Real Madrid Ricardo Kaka…wait…what?!  It’s being reported that Arsene is under pressure to bring in a BIG signing and Arsenal could make an inquiry and try and bring the Brazilian to Arsenal on a year long loan.  That would sure bring in some confidence to the side and it would be very fun to see him at the Emirates.  Can’t see this being very valid though unfortunately!



10 Days To Go, What and Who Do Arsenal Need To Buy?

10 days to go in the transfer market and Arsene should hopefully have a long list of players that he should be putting in bids for and hopefully a few of them will come our way!  Today we’ve heard that we’ve offered 20 million euros for Yann M’Vila and “reportedly” inquired about to taking Real Madrid midfielder Kaka on loan.  While both are very unlikely to happen we do have a need for players in different positions and we’ll look at the current depth followed by some players that could add to our quality of depth!

Players potentially leaving: Nasri, Bendtner, Squillaci, Traore, Lansbury, Almunia (these players won’t be mentioned in our depth!)

Goalkeeper:  Chesney, Lukas Fabianski, Vito Mannone, Martinez.

Who Arsene should buy:  Nobody!  Chesney has solidified the role of our number 1 and has a good back up in Fabianski, both are superb shot stoppers although Fab is susceptible to mistakes.

Defenders: Sagna, Jenkinson, Djourou, Vermaelen, Kos, Miguel, Gibbs.

Who Arsene should buy:  There are 2-3 players that Arsene should buy but after watching Miguel play quite well against Liverpool I am convinced he can be our number 5.  So a center back and one that would fit in well right away which leaves two choices for me.  Gary Cahill is first with a good amount of Premier League experience, leadership abilities, and is a fantastic defender.  Jan Vertonghen is second because he really goes into tackles hard, wins headers, will have Tommy V to help him adapt and won’t have to much trouble fitting in with Djourou and Kos!  Lastly we need a left back and my first choice would be Aly Cissoko from Lyon!  Tall, lanky, strong and quick the 23 year old left back would fit well with the Arsenal system and fit in well with the players who mostly speak French anyways!  Another plus is his transfer fee would be around 8-10 million.

Midfield: Ramsey, Song, Frimpong, Rosicky, Wilshere, Diaby,

Who Arsene Should Buy:  There are 2 players I would like to see come through the door.  While many of you are thinking Eden Hazard, or Juan Mata I’m thinking more realistic to Wenger’s money spending habits in this post and they are two players that I think would fit in well with Arsenal.  1st is Moussa Sissoko of Toulouse.  The French midfielder is tall, strong, powerful, a good dribbler and passer and can play as a defensive midfielder, holding, or attacking midfielder and could really slot in in the middle wherever we would need him, sort of like Diaby except he stays healthy!  Second would be Jadson, which will be a pretty unpopular pick but I don’t care because the pocket rocket would be a fantastic signing!  You think because he plays in Ukraine he can’t handle the EPL?  He’s gone through playing some of the best teams in the world in the Europa League and Champions League and most of the time comes out on top!  He has great dribbling skill and ball control, a ridiculous shot with power and accuracy and is known for being aggressive and a hard tackler even though he’s about as tall as Arshavin!  Youtube doesn’t really do him justice either if you want to see how he really plays!

Forwards: Ryo Miyaichi, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Robin Van Persie, Maraoune Chamakh, Joel Campbell, Theo Walcott, Andrey Arshavin

Who Arsene Should buy:  1 more striker as Chamakh will be leaving for the African Cup in January and RvP has injury history!  Mauro Zarate has been talked about lately at the club and he’s a player that gets me excited to see walk through the door, he’s a fantastic dribbler with planty of pace at his disposal as well as a good finisher.

Now I know most of these won’t happen but taking a look at our real depth in the squad it’s frightening to see what will happen if we don’t buy any!  You can disagree with the players I want all you want but the fact is we need players for taht position and we have a budget that Arsene will not cross!


Zarate, Jagielka, but Everything Else Goes Quiet!

You would think with the situation Arsenal is in, they would be linking us with players left and right but today only two names really came up:  Mauro Zarate(Lazio) and Phil Jagielka(Everton).  On the other side of things, reports are that Nasri is in Manchester Today for his medical and the two teams are still negotiating how the money will be given to Arsenal.  Also on the way out, Armand Traore has been linked with a loan move away…wait, what?  He’s leaving, Gibbs gets injured too often there must be a plan.

I sure hope that plan is to take about 10 million pounds and offer it to Lyon for Aly Cissoko honestly.  Anyways, I’ve heard that Gibbs will be recovered for the game on Saturday and if not we still have Jenkinson who can do a decent job over there.  Traore was injured on Monday in the Arsenal reserve game and didn’t make it more than 10 minutes.  Gibbs only lasted 45 minutes on Tuesday, Vermaelen and Jenkinson took over as Arsenal won 1-0.

News came out today that Mauro Zarate’s agent was in talks with Arsenal and that a deal would probably be struck which is GREAT news for Arsenal.  Whether it’s real or not is to be seen because Tottenham have also been in contact with the agent and have said they are about to unveil a fantastic signing in the next day or two.  Many Arsenal fans are thinking that Zarate could be the signing, but with Modric looking to leave I feel it could be a more direct replacement for him.

Pictures were released today as well of Phil Jagielka in an airport having a meeting and talking loudly about Arsenal.  Many fans read into it and there we have a rumor!  Make of it what you will but Everton have been told by the bank they NEED to sell him because they are lacking some money so it could well happen.  Of all the defenders we’ve been linked with this summer, he’s my least favorite.  He’s 28, short, he’s a decent center back though but not really better than what we already have which is what I find weird.

There have been a few things AW has said recently that just drive me up a wall.  Firstly when he says we need to bring in better quality than what we have.  There’s A LOT of good quality out there just looking for a way to Arsenal.  Then he says, it’s hard to find the player we need because the club has to agree to let him go.  Marseille and Werder Bremen are practically begging to take Valbuena and Mertesacker off their hands because they need money and they are willing to let the player go.

Lastly, when he says…people forget that we signed Jenkinson, AOC, Campbell, Ryo and they are quality.  Yes you brought in 4 players all below the age of 20 and all have 0 EPL experience.  None of forgot that!!! We just didn’t add it in because you brought 0 experience into the side while losing players that did!  We need experience!

I do believe that we will add more but I think AW is waiting until after our Champions League playoff to make a few of his moves so he knows if he has that extra boost of money to work with.  Many are worried about the Champions League game next Wednesday because we only have a 1-0 lead and we’re playing away.  Not sure why we’re worried though: 1 RvP is back 2. We might have new signings in 3. Ryo will be available 4. They’re just Italians they barely fill their stadiums 5. We have a 1-0 lead! 6. No away goals scored on us 7 We play better away than at the Emirates.

Plenty of reasons to be positive about it!  One thing I’m kind of sad about is the talk of Jadson coming in has gone quiet.  I was quite looking forward to him coming in with the experience he has and his skill!  I know many of you are thinking, well he played in a crap league and he’s 28 and blah blah blah!  Shakhtar may play in a crap league but have also won the Europa League which is good competition and then went on to do very well in the Champions League!  Jadson has a fantastic touch, fantastic shot and is quite aggressive.  I think he would fit in well with out team, and we need a player who will shoot the ball, not walk it in!

Anyways, hopefully a Friday signing, but not getting my hopes up!  It is Arsenal after all!

Mathieu Valbuena Gets the “Go Ahead” For Arsenal Transfer

Jose Anigo said on the air that Marseille would not object to selling Mathieu Valbuena to Arsenal which makes many wonder how much contact have Arsenal had in regards to the winger?  Here’s what Anigo had to say:

“It’s been six years since the club is Mathieu Valbuena. If Arsenal wants to buy it eventually, the discussion can be opened even if it is not sure it goes after. When a player has spent five or six years in a club, out of respect for him, nothing is closed. Even if it is not the seller. We are very pleased with him but if a big club is interested in Mathieu, people listen. ” 

Arsenal have been linked with his teammate Andre Ayew but Anigo maintains that they won’t be selling as he’s ruled out the departure of his winger.  Anigo said:

“André Ayew is not for sale,continued Anigo. There is certainly a clause but the clause has a time limit is exceeded today. If you want to buy, you pay a different price than that set at the start. Andre Ayew has a long way to us. “

Valbuena would bring some confidence to the Emirates and is a full international for France.  A winger with quick feet no doubt and a good cross and would be a replacement if Nasri were to leave!  Not totally convinced he’s a player we need but brings with him experience, and would put some creativity and confidence into this thin squad!  Have a look at the French winger.

Arsenal vs. Udinese – Well It’s a Start!

The score ended 1-0 in favor of Arsenal as Theo Walcott put a beautiful cross away from Aaron Ramsey.  Both the cross and finish were top class and it was looking to be a good game for Arsenal.  After that, we couldn’t put anything else in and it ended up being a nerve racking game and next week may be even more nerve racking!  You can tell we were trying our hardest but there are just a few pieces missing that need to be filled quite quickly if we’re going to take the points against Liverpool!

1. Our top Center backs are top quality!  Unfortunately our back up Center backs are not.  Djourou has his day where he’s fantastic but Squillaci is hard to watch and everyone is always nervous when he’s on the field.  If Arsenal were to add two center backs I don’t think he’d stick around.  I have three in mind, you can choose two Arsene:  Gary Cahill, Per Mertesacker, Jan Vertonghen.

2. Either Bendtner stays or we buy a new striker!  It’s hard to watch Chamakh and if we hadn’t made three subs due to injuries we would have seen Bendtner out there in the 60th if not sooner.  Chamakh seems to have developed a new way of playing that he didn’t do last year.  It’s called the play with back to goal and not make any runs approach.  While the ball is in the air he did a good job of battling and winning a few headers in the air but when the ball is on the ground with your two attacking midfielders he needs to make runs and get behind the defense.  We’ve seen him do plenty of it and he was exceptional in the beginning of last season…I just don’t know where that Marouane Chamakh went.

Joel Campbell attended the game today and he could be the guy to come in behind Chamakh and hopefully move his way up the pecking order!  Campbell brings pace, a good touch, and a fantastic shot, he has some talent that is still raw but Arsene should really be able to bring out the best in him.  If he can do these things for a team like Costa Rica, just think of what he can do with a team like Arsenal.

3.  Must buy a left back!  I want to give Gibbs a chance, but we can’t deal with this every other week!  He is far too injury prone and Traore was just hurt as well!  I don’t believe Aly Cissoko has that high of a price on him and would fill in perfectly.  If anything sell Traore and keep Gibbs as a good back up because he really can’t stay healthy.  He’s a doubt for Saturday as may be Traore, I’m not really sure about him.  Jenkinson didn’t look terrible but a bit shaky over on the left.

4. Lastly, and most importantly:  We need an attacking midfielder quite badly.  Rosicky doesn’t have the creativity left in him to run the midfield and while he works hard and does the little things well, we can’t rely on him to create any goals.  Ramsey also works hard and may find it a bit easier when Wilshere is back.  Wilshere is destined for the attacking midfield spot but until he’s ready for it, we need to buy at least 1.  Jadson has been rumored, Hazard has been recently rumored, and many others.  Reports are claiming Hazard would cost 26 million pounds.  We have a lot of money right now and Hazard would be the guy to bring in honestly.

Many fans have been debating whether he can play in the middle or if he’s a winger and yes he’s been played often with Lille as a winger but he’s a fantastic attacking midfielder and putting him in right behind the striker would do nothing but good things for Arsenal.

On a different note Samir Nasri has made comments lately about how he’s been hurt by the fans for disrespecting him and I understand he’s hurt by them.  He needs to look at things from our point of view though, he’s hurt the fans as well and they haven’t taken to well to it.  I haven’t been the nicest person to him but it’s very frustrating to see a player with his talent act that way.

Today comments came out from his Facebook saying he would be leaving with bitter and anger in his heart.  The Daily Mirror and a few other big sites ran it and claimed that this was a “legit” Facebook page and it was Nasri’s.  Well after they said it was legit and started running the story and put it into their actual newspaper Nasri came on Twitter to say this little gem!

Just to make things clear i dont have a facebook so i never said i was leaving with bitterness the guy who said that use a fake account

I think Nasri has a sense of humor and decided that since the media is what is causing all this Arsenal fan hate then he’ll get back at them and he did quite well.  They should be quite embarrassed!  I also wanna remind everyone about something he said at the beginning of the summer.

I just want tell you dont listen the newspaper and the rumours i will let you know if something happen

Now we know he can’t directly talk about all of that but if something would have happened he would have told us and all of the hate (from me included) didn’t really help things.  So lets wait to bash the crap out of him until he actually announces something!  Once he leaves for City I’ll be happy to say I’m not fond of you Samir!