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A Must Win for Arsenal vs. Marseilles

Now it’s the third game of Champions League, and losing doesn’t mean we’re out, but this is an extremely important game for Arsenal.  After a big game at the weekend and the fighting for confidence in the Arsenal camp it will be a very hard, but important win for the Gunners.  Marseilles brings an extremely tough test though, having already disposed of Borussia Dortmund with ease while Arsenal could only draw.

Marseilles have had a tough time in Ligue 1 with only 1 win in 10 games so far, but have had success so far in Europe.  This could be the perfect test for Arsenal playing a strong team with up and down form while Arsenal seem to be the same way.  Arsenal will have to deal with some difficult attacking threats such as Valbuena, Ayew, and Loic Remy to say the least and it will be a big test for the Arsenal back four.

A win versus Sunderland on Sunday hopefully marked the turn of a corner for Arsenal and the confidence boost that is gained from a win against Marseilles would be massive!  Although the boys have had limited rest having played on Sunday they will be raring to go for this one and we may even see a few players rotated.

Our starting 11 will probably stay much the same with Santos filling in for Gibbs, and Jenkinson getting the start based on the fact that Arsene won’t risk his only backup center back to put Koscielny out at right back.  This could expose Arsenal with both Marseilles wingers being very fast and very good.

I’d like to see RvP put back in the attacking midfield spot and I think he would be more influential in the game if he moved further into the midfield.  I also think it’s time to move Theo Walcott into the center as he’s become quite invisible over on the wings.  Theo has a problem of not being able to run at defenders, he has a strength of running past them and timing his runs well.  So why not let him play in the middle where Van Persie and Arteta and supply him the through balls he needs to be effective!



So here is my ideal line up for Arsenal tomorrow night!


Kos  Mertesacker Djourou Santos

Song      Arteta


Gervinho Walcott Arshavin


I’m a wishful thinker I know!  I do think we will see Arshavin get the start, and will see Chamakh tomorrow at some point.  I also think Ramsey will be in the squad being rested on Saturday and Rosicky will go back to the bench having a very good game on Saturday.  Honestly with the squad Arsenal has named, any of the players named could be started especially ahead of a big game against Stoke which Arsenal often struggle against.

So pray hard tonight for a good tomorrow!


Worrying Times Ahead? Latest On Arsenal

I’m pretty sure most Arsenal fans were expecting at least 1 big signing by now.  We all know Arsene is a stubborn man and has trouble finding his checkbook even though its right under his nose.  So far no big signings but Gervinho ‘all but done’ and hopefully a few more that I don’t know about!

One player we may have trouble acquiring now is Ricardo Alvarez.  Alvarez’s agents have been in contact with Inter Milan and will be negotiating some time next week.  Alvarez has said he wants to play for Arsenal so I can only hope that he holds out for that deal.  Many fans are very skeptical of Alvarez who has been wanted by many top teams so he can’t be bad, it may take some adjusting to the Premier League and I don’t believe that he is a direct replacement for Cesc, and will have to work hard to get into the first team.

There isn’t much more news on transfers coming in as this week has been more about the players going out.

So first up is Clichy and I don’t have much to say about it other than it’s almost a done deal as well that he will go to Manchester City.  He will have to compete with a few players for that first team spot and may earn a good new nickname and lots of booing like Cashly!  Unfortunately its only 7 million pounds that we can get out of him but I imagine Arsene will not invest in a new left back.  Traore will have to try and really impress or else Gibbs will need to work hard to not be injured constantly!

The Fabregas saga has been a little quiet in the last day but not sure he will be joining Arsenal on Tuesday for Preseason.  He is one player that Nigel Winterburn thinks is on his way out as well.

I am concerned for this season coming. Two players are definitely leaving in Fabregas and Clichy. I’m hoping that Nasri will stay.

But these are worrying times when you look at three players who have been very prominent for the club. My understanding is two of them will be gone very, very shortly and we haven’t heard of any signings coming in.

Unfortunately from the sounds of it Nasri won’t be staying as well.  It could be a loss of two really good midfielders and our Left Back which would be damaging indeed, but at the same time, Wenger knows he will have to replace them and I’m curious to see what will happen.  So while I’m saddened by these players who want out, I’m excited to see some fresh blood coming in and Arsene forced to maybe buy a little big!  Nasri for me though does not want to be at Arsenal after three years of nothing…

Money has never been my motivation. I have always taken decisions from a football point of view, I don’t want to sign for a club where I wouldn’t be playing the football that I like, where I wouldn’t feel happy, just for the money.  We already earn huge wages. The priority is to make a big career and to win titles. This is more important than everything else.  With no titles under your belt, you can’t be in the list for the Ballon D’Or. I came to England for trophies. We all need to get out of our comfort zone”.

For me the part that sticks out is “We already earn huge wages,”  so if he won’t extend when he gets a pay rise out of the deal then he’s not happy with where he’s playing and he’s not signed because he’s not playing football that he likes.  I’ve heard that he may hand in a transfer request on Monday but just speculation.  I do hope that we will receive an offer from outside of England that is suitable if he does decide to go.  Nasri in a Man U shirt could be damaging, they will actually have a midfielder that can play!

The Press lately has been very bothersome, just making up rumors of more Arsenal players leaving based on the fact that Nasri, Fab, and Clichy are on their way out.  Yesterday it was the Daily Star reporting that Van Persie wants out.  We all know Arsenal is Van Persie’s favorite team and he bleeds Arsenal so either way I’m not sure he would want out…this year.

Today though the Daily Mail reported that Walcott would be the next one out.  The funny thing is we never really hear anything from Walcott because he never really says anything in the media…which is probably a good thing.  So the press seems to be out to destroy Arsenal and get their fans to be really stressed out about this summer.

Wenger has asked for patience and apparently is waiting for the right time to buy.  Not sure what good waiting will do because any targets he has now may be gone by the time he actually goes to buy.  We will see what happens and a source inside Arsenal has said how it will be interesting to see who gets on the plane for the Asian Tour.

Until Tomorrow!

Transfers: What Can Gervinho Do For Arsenal?

Name: Kouassi Gervais Yao Gervinho

Age: 24

Height: 5′ 8″

2010/2011 stats: 34 games 14 goals and 10 assists

It has been heavily rumored over the last few weeks that Lille forward Gervinho would be leaving his club for England.  Earlier this week it was also revealed by a journalist on Twitter that Arsenal would announcing a signing this coming week.  He also revealed that this signing would be Gervinho.  Which brings up many questions like…is this even true?  What role would Gervinho play?  How would he fit into Arsenal’s system?  What can Gervinho do for Arsenal?

Well I don’t know if its true but I do hope it is.  Gervinho has some exceptional skills that can help Arsenal to some silverware next year.  Firstly, I know for a fact that over half of all fans sit in front of their t.v. or at the game scream “SHOOT THE BALL!” Well in 35 games, Gervinho took 88 shots, 41 were on goal so he’s not afraid to shoot.

We all know that Niklas Bendtner is on his way out and Gervinho is actually the perfect replacement!  In the last few years we’ve heard complaints from Nik on his positioning and being put out wide instead of in the middle.  Gervinho on the other hand is very good at both the wing and in the middle.  He’s very fast, very skilled on the ball and is a good team player!

He helped lead his team to a Ligue 1 championship and contributed nicely with 14 goals and 10 assists.  Not bad and just imagine what he can do playing with Van Persie, Fabregas, or Nasri behind him.  Or if you like,  Van Persie up top, Walcott and Gervinho at the wings.  If he assumes what Bendtner left behind, then he will be very valuable for rotation with our busy schedule and his versatility up front can help him rotate for any of the forwards.

The only thing that could be concerning for Gervinho is his size and lack of experience.  Although he won the league with Lille this year, he has never been involved in Champions League or Europa league play and has 2 games experience in the World Cup.  This is definitely the kind of forward we need, he’s fast, plays well with his teammates, has passion, and loves to shoot!  What do you think?  Is there anything else Gervinho can add to the Gunners?  Tell me what you think!

Arsenal Willing to meet 30 million price for Falcao…Wait What?!

According to the agent of Falcao, Arsenal is willing to meet a 30 million minimum release fee for Falcao…what a pleasant surprise!  Just to hear that we would be willing to do that is a little heart warming.  If Wenger does splash out the cash for that kind of player he can just go into his next press conference and say “Hey haters! SUCK IT!”  Thats what I would say to all the “In Arsene we rusts” and the Wenger out crap…what a bunch of nonsense.

I know I said I would rather have Benzema yesterday but honestly, I would take either one right now.  Falcao is a superb finisher! Last year he played 22 games and had 17 shots…16 went in.  The year before that 32 shots…25 went in.  The guy is a real finisher and has a great mentality and hunger to score.  He’s 25 years old so he has some experience, and while it may only be in the Portuguese League he still has proven himself to be excellent in both the Champions League, and the Europa League.

While we may be willing to spend the 30 million minimum release fee, his representative states that Falcao is happy at Porto and may just want to stay there for now.  Tottenham is also said to be willing to reach this fee and I don’t know why he would want to waste his time there and go back to Europa League.

The hard thing about this transfer market is the players we’ve been linked to and finally are ready to invest in them, are now in Champions League with their teams and have had their price tags skyrocket.  If we are willing to pull out 30 million for Falcao, how come we can’t hit up Benzema for less?  How come we can’t put 10-15 into Mertesacker?  I’m not worried about it, Arsene will do what he has to and I will still be here to buy the Jersey of whichever player he decides to buy.

Something else quick, I’m quite happy that the club has taken a hard line with contract rebels, as some call them.  Those players wanting to try and get as much money as possible and then not signing and going on free next year.  If you love the club, you will play for them and if you don’t please don’t go to Man U…thats right I’m talking to you Samir.  Henri Lansbury is apparently holding out to see if he’ll get first team action this year while Arsenal are saying, sign or get out!  I know many of you are excited about Lansbury but I say we can win it without him.