Transfers: Nasri latest, Gervinho 17 mil and MORE!

Plenty to go over on a surprisingly eventful Sunday, and hopefully even more eventful tomorrow.  First, and biggest news of the day were quotes from Samir Nasri on his future,

I don’t know if I will sign a new contract. Anyway, the discussions are ongoing. For the moment, I don’t think about this. We will speak about it after the match with Poland.

Do I want to go to Man United? First, we should see if it’s real and if it is concrete.

I’m not a fan of these comments and I’ve already seen throughout the day some fans turn on him.  Are we being a little rash?  Probably, but I’ve had a feeling for a little while now that Nasri wouldn’t be that loyal of a Gunner.  I still am a fan of him and his great abilities but if he left, I don’t think I would miss him, assuming we replaced him with another player.  If Nasri were to leave I think Wenger would be smart enough to replace him.  I also think it would be even more necessary to land Hazard.  Would Lille let us take Gervinho AND Hazard…highly unlikely.  I think Arsenal have already found Nasri’s replacement if he does leave in Argentine midfielder Ricky Alvarez.  Alvarez won’t moan either when he’s put on the wing instead of in the middle.

In conclusion to that segment, we can live without Samir Nasri!  Arsenal does not need to be held to ransom!  Would it be nice to have him back next year? Sure, he will continue getting better and possibly more consistent.  What worries many other people though is his possible transfer to Manchester United.  I think we can basically count out that though as Wenger doesn’t want to face him and will refuse that transfer.  If he wants to leave, let him rot in Italy…he would excel there considering Italian Football sucks!

More developing on Gervinho as well with news that the Ivorian will cost Arsenal 17 million which would be about the highest price paid for a player coming into Arsenal.  I think it’s something Arsenal should be in for and would be a good investment.  Also there are a few rumors going on about the possibility of Arsenal going for Bojan which will cost about 17 million.  He’s also a possibility but may have some trouble adjusting to the physicality.

So, looks like we are ready to let Fabregas and Arshavin leave as well as Nasri.  Not sure Wenger would let all three leave and if they did and if he didn’t find a few suitable replacements he would have a few problems on his hands with the fans!  One thing that has surprised me though is the lack of talk of a few players leaving.  We’ve heard plenty of Bendtner and how he’s leaving and seems like he says something new on how he has to leave every day.  What about Almunia?  We all know he doesn’t have a future at Arsenal, why can’t we have news like…”Transfer offer accepted!  See ya later Almunia!”  That would be eye catching!

Anyways, there are so many possibilities in this transfer market and its just itching at me to get going because I’m kind of bored with just rumors right now and I just want one big signing for Arsenal right now!  This is in fact the biggest summer for Arsenal for quite some time and I’ll be bringing the news and opinions to you every day!  So tell me what you think, if you have any questions I can answer them next time so e-mail me at


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  1. Let Nasri join Man u and be haunted just like Hleb,Flamini and Henry he wont shine and wil regret.

  2. I agree, we need loyal players with passion for the club like RvP if we are to win…

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